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Renault TRM 4000

General utility truck

Renault TRM 4000

The Renault TRM 4000 is a military development of the commercial truck

Country of origin France
Entered service 1973
Configuration 4x4
Cab seating 1 + 1 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (empty) 5.68 t
Maximum load 4.32 t
Length 6.53 m
Width 2.19 m
Height 2.75 m
Engine Renault 5.5-liter diesel
Engine power 133 hp
Maximum road speed 87 km/h
Range ~ 800 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 40%
Vertical step ~ 0.5 m
Trench ~ 0.5 m
Fording 0.9 m


   The Renault TRM 4000 was a military development of the commercial Saviem SM8 truck. When production commenced in 1973 it was intended that the Renault TRM 4000 would become the French armed forces standard vehicle in its class. At that time there was stated to be a requirement for 15 000 of these vehicles but production ceased at Blainville during the late 1980s before even half this total had been achieved.

   The Renault TRM 4000 made extensive use of proven commercial components (such as the engine, transmission, chassis frame and axles) and is conventional in layout, using a modified Saviem/Renault Type 812 forward control two-door cab fitted with a roof hatch. Optionally it may be split at door level for air transport.

   The standard version is a conventional cargo carrier but many other versions were in French Army service, some were exported to undisclosed countries in North Africa.

   One version uses a van-type body that can be configured internally for use as anything from an ambulance to a mobile office or workshop. Another version, now withdrawn, was used as a Crotale missile carrier and was equipped with a hydraulic crane. Cranes are also used on a light recovery vehicle and a specialized crane truck.

   Numerous fire tender bodies have been developed and there are fuel and water tanker versions. There is also a dump truck version.

   Some vehicles have a front-mounted winch while others have a 200 liter fuel tank and extra fuel can racks.



Renault TRM 4000

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Renault TRM 4000

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