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Light utility truck

LMTV A2 light utility truck

The LMTV A2 series trucks with 4x4 configuration will be used by the US Army

Country of origin United States
Entered service Expected in 2019
Configuration 4x4
Cab seating 1 + 2 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (empty) ~ 7.5 t
Payload capacity 3 t
Length ~ 7 m
Width ~ 2.4 m
Height ~ 2.8 m
Engine diesel
Engine power ~ 250 hp
Maximum road speed ~ 94 km/h
Range ~ 650 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.4 m
Trench ~ 0.5 m
Fording ~ 0.9 m


   Back in 1996 the US Army adopted the original FMTV family of trucks. The FMTV acronym stands for Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles. For many years these were the standard US Army trucks and performed a wide range of duties from logistical and supply operations to combat support missions. In 2016 the US Army issued a request for proposals that required bidders to produce an upgraded FMTV A2 fleet of vehicles with improvements in all key areas, including improved payload, underbody protection, ride quality, engine power, mobility, electronics, diagnostics and safety enhancements. The "A2" denotes the new generation. Companies including AM General and Oshkosh Corporation responded to this US Army's requirement and submitted their proposals. Evaluation period began in 2017. Eventually the Oshkosh Corporation was selected as a winner. In 2018 a contract was awarded to the Oshkosh Corporation to produce the FMTV A2 family of vehicles. Though it was not disclosed how many of these new trucks will be delivered to the US Army. Eventually all existing FMTV series trucks in the US Army inventory could be replaced by the new FMTV A2 series trucks. This new family will serve well into the 21st Century.

   This new family includes a total of 16 models with 4x4 and 6x6 configurations, capable of carrying payloads from 3 to 10 t, as well as associated trailers. The FMTV A2 family can be broken down to the LMTV A2 (or Light Medium Tactical Vehicle) family with 4x4 configuration and MTV A2 (or Medium Tactical Vehicle) family with 6x6 configuration. Both versions share around 90% of their automotive components such as the cab, engine, drive train, tyres, wheels, front suspension, axles, etc, while this design involves many commercially available components.

   The LMTV A2 was considerably re-engineered. It has a longer wheelbase, relocated cab and some other changes. Though most of the automotive components of the A2 family are similar to those of the original FMTV family. Such commonality of parts results in easy and low-cost servicing, maintenance and logistics.

   These are modern and efficient trucks, specially designed to meet military needs. It is not just militarized family of commercial vehicles. These trucks were designed to operate in various hotspot areas. Despite that these trucks were also designed with reliability, low unit price and low running costs in mind for maximum long term efficiency. The original FMTV series trucks demonstrated all of these aspects during their service life. Also these trucks saw action during various military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries.

   The LMTV A2 has the same armored cab as the previous LMTV and MTV series tactical vehicles. However the cab has been relocated in order to meet the US Army requirements. As a result vehicle has a bonneted configuration and completely different appearance. The original LMTV had a cab-over engine design. Relocation of the cab allowed to reduce overall height of the vehicle. Also trucks with bonneted cabs are typically less vulnerable to mine blasts in terms of crew survivability in case the truck runs over an anti-tank mine.

   Cab of the LMTV A2 series vehicles accommodates driver and two passengers. Cab of the LMTV A2 family can adapt various armor levels, depending on the threat. Once the armor is fitted it provides protection from small arms fire, artillery shell splinters and some level of protection against mine blasts. The Oshkosh Corporation also notes that underbody armor protection has been increased.

   There is a provision to mount a heavy machine gun on top of the roof. It is operated by co-driver and is used for self-defense against air and ground targets.

   The baseline general service model has a payload capacity of 3 t. It has a large cargo area with drop-sides and drop-tailgate, similar as that on the original LMTV A1. This baseline version is intended to carry soldiers, supplies and various cargo. To facilitate loading and unloading the bed-side rails are mounted on hinges and can be lowered. The cargo bed can be equipped with an optional bench seat kit for the transport of soldiers. The bench seats are constructed of a non-wood material and attach to the cargo bed side rails, and can be folded down and stowed when not in use. Soldiers are assisted when climbing in and out of the cargo bed area with the aid of a ladder, which is stowed on a vehicle when not in use. The cargo area can be covered with bows and canvas cover. Vehicle can also tow trailers and light artillery pieces.

   The LMTV A2 uses a more powerful engine than its predecessor. It is mated to a fully-automatic transmission. A central tyre pressure system is fitted as standard. This truck can travel over different types of roads. Also it has some degree of off-road mobility and can travel over difficult terrain. Most of the automotive components of the A2 family are similar to those of the original FMTV family. A self-recovery winch is proposed as an option. Vehicle can be also fitted with a load handling crane.

   The basic model will be available in many variants. These are likely to include van bodies, dump truck, tractor truck and various other special versions. Some versions will be produced as bare chassis for special bodies to be added.



LMTV A2 light utility truck

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LMTV A2 light utility truck

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