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Zulfiqar 2

Prototype main battle tank

Zulfiqar 2 MBT

The Zulfiqar 2 main battle tank served only as a test bed for the Zulfiqar 3

Country of origin Iran
Entered service ?
Crew 3 or 4 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight ?
Length (gun forward) ?
Hull length ?
Width ?
Height ?
Main gun 125 mm smoothbore
Machine guns ?
Elevation range ?
Traverse range 360 degrees
Ammunition load
Main gun ?
Machine guns ?
Engine diesel
Engine power ?
Maximum road speed ?
Range ?
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.8 m
Trench ~ 2.8 m
Fording ~ 1.4 m
Fording (with preparation) ?


   The Zulfiqar 2, or Zolfaqar 2, is a further development of the Zulfiqar 1. This MBT is named after a legendary sword. It was designed during the 1990s. It appears to be only an interim type, which served as a test bed for the Zulfiqar 3. It was never produced in quantity.

   Iran made an attempt to create an indigenous tank. Though the Zulfiqar 1 and Zulfiqar 2 tanks uses a number of components and systems of the US-supplied M60 and Russian T-72, which was manufactured in Iran.

   This main battle tank has a welded steel hull and turret. Its armor protection has been improved over the previous Zulfiqar 1.

   The tank has a new longer turret, with sloping front and bustle at the rear. This may indicate removal of the autoloader, or possibly, a new autoloader. The Zulfiqar 2 is armed with a fully-stabilized 125 mm smoothbore gun. The same gun is used on the T-72 tank. Ready to use ammunition is stored in the turret bustle.

   This main battle tank is fitted with a computerized fire control system.

   This Iranian tank is operated by a crew of 3 or 4.

   The Zulfiqar 2 main battle tank has an extended hull and is fitted with a new diesel engine.




   Zulfiqar 3 is an improved version of the Zulfiqar 2, which was selected for production.



Zulfiqar 2 MBT

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