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An appeal from Military-Today.com founder, Andrius Genys


Andrius Genys
Andrius Genys


   Dear Reader,


   Today I am going to ask you to support your favorite Military-Today website with a donation.

   This might sound unusual: Why a steadily growing website ask for financial support from its users?

   For the last 13 years Military-Today website delivers latest and accurate information for people like you.

   Even though Military-Today is a popular website it is slightly different. Unlike top military websites it hasn't got huge staff. Furthermore most of the work is done by one man. Yet still it manages to overtake top military websites.

   Military-Today content is free to use by anyone. Since 2006 website becomes more and more popular. And many people, maybe even you, visit it every day. Furthermore many people actually grew up together with this website.

   Since creation of this website the main goal was to provide you with independent, accurate and unbiased information on weapons and military-related equipment. And people like you, from all over the world, help me to achieve this goal.

   More than 2 200 articles have been published on Military-Today during the last 14 years. Such amount of information would fit in more than 20 solid books. It is likely that this website is a work of my life. It was the first website of its kind to embed video clips on its pages. Nearly 800 videos are available so far.

   Military-Today.com serves you as a convenient database for information on various weapon systems. Well over 14 million people from all over the world came to this website to access information. All data is easy to find, clear and simple to understand. Furthermore all of this information is accessible to you, free of charge.

   As its core, Military-Today is driven by revenue from Google advertisements. Also we are selling you e-books. Income from advertisements and e-books allows to keep website running. However it is simply not enough to improve it significantly.

   Yet other top military websites get a good share from direct advertisement. Established companies like Jane's easily attract top-paying defense manufacturers. Other community websites such as Wikipedia are copying content, but still raise millions of dollars each year. So Military-Today runs on a small fraction of what other top military websites spend.

   Currently military market is booming. New weapons, aircraft, helicopters, tanks, trucks, artillery systems are being revealed every day. But I don't have enough man-hours and resources to cover all of them. Today we are covering only a small fraction of new weapon systems. Also it is a challenge just to keep over 2 200 existing articles up to date. So a huge step forward can not be done without the support of thousands of people like you.

   I would like you to see Military-Today.com like a great weapon-related magazine. Magazine, that you were reading and enjoying for many years for free. However today editor of this magazine asks you to say a big "thank you" for all these great years in a form of your donation.

   Everyone who will make a donation will be mentioned here (unless you don't want it). I am doing it manually so it might take a couple of days for your name to appear.

   Your donation is being processed by PayPal - a well established and reliable company. And no matter if you are donating by credit card or via PayPal. There is no third-party middleman. So donating to Military-Today is 100% safe.

   I invite you to join us: And no matter if you are making a donation of $5, $20, $50, $100 or whatever you can. I know that for most of you like helping people and a couple of dollars is not a big deal for most of you. I invite you to follow the link below and donate by credit card or via PayPal.

   Your donation will help Military-Today to reach next level of quality. With your support I am committed to expand this website significantly.


   Thank you,


   Andrius Genys


Goal:  $10 000
Raised:  $2 816


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