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Shang class

Nuclear-powered attack submarine

Shang class submarine

The Type 093 or Shang class attack submarine represents a major step forward in China's underwater warfare capability

Country of origin China
Entered service 2006
Crew 100 men
Diving depth (operational) ?
Diving depth (maximum) 400 m
Sea endurance 80 days
Dimensions and displacement
Length 107 m
Beam 11 m
Draught 7.5 m
Surfaced displacement ?
Submerged displacement ~ 6 000 tons
Propulsion and speed
Surfaced speed ?
Submerged speed 30 knots
Propulsion ?
Missiles YJ-82 anti-ship missiles
Torpedoes 6 x 533 mm torpedo tubes


   The Type 093 (NATO designation Shang class) nuclear-powered attack submarine was developed since the mid-1980s under high secrecy. It is a successor to the Type 091 (Western designation Han class).

   Development progress was slow due to enormous technical difficulties, including nuclear reactor and onboard weapon systems. It is speculated that development of the Shang class was assisted by Russian Rubin Central Design Bureau, one of the main Russian centers of submarine design.

   The first boat was launched in 2002 and commissioned in 2006. The second boat was launched in 2003. Some sources claim that the third boat is under construction and even more submarines might be built.

   The Type 093 class represents a major step forward in China's underwater warfare capability, however it not as capable or advanced as the latest Western attack submarines.

   The Shang class nuclear-powered attack submarine is armed with six 533 mm torpedo tubes. These can be used to launch a range of indigenous and Russian anti-submarine and anti-ship torpedoes with wire-, acoustic- and wave-homing. Torpedo tubes can also be used to launch Chinese YJ-82 anti-ship missiles.



Shang class submarine

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