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Luda class

Guided-missile destroyer

Luda class destroyer

Zhuhai is the Luda III class ship and is rumored to have received a ballistic trajectory ASW weapon

Luda I class
Country of origin China
Entered service 1971
Crew 280 men
Sea endurance 5 500 km at 18 knots
Dimensions and displacement
Length 132 m
Beam 12.8 m
Draught 4.6 m
Displacement, standard 3 250 tons
Displacement, full load 3 670 tons
Propulsion and speed
Speed 32 knots
Steam turbines 72 025 shp
Artillery 2 x twin 130 mm guns, 4 x twin 57 mm anti-aircraft guns (some ships only) or 4 x twin 37 mm anti-aircraft guns, 4 x twin 25 mm guns
Missiles 2 x tripple launchers for six HY-2 anti-ship missiles (2 x quadruple launchers for 16 x C-802 missiles on Kaifeng), one Crotale octuple launcher for HQ-7 surface-to-air missiles (three ships)
Torpedoes 2 x 324 mm tripple launchers for Mk.46 anti-submarine torpedoes
Other 2 x FQF 2500 12-barrel launchers for 120 mm anti-submarine rockets, two or four BMB depth charge projectors, two or four depth charge racks, and 38 mines


   The first ocean-going warships built by communist China, the Luda I class or Type 051 destroyers were derived, despite their outward similarity to the Soviet Kotlin class, from the earlier Soviet Neustrashimy (NATO Tallinn) class, of which just a single example was built. The Chinese ships have two triple launchers for HY-2 (CSS-N-2 Seersucher) or (in Kaifeng only) two quadruple launchers for C-802 (CSS-N-8 Saccade) anti-ship missiles in place of the Soviet ship's torpedo tubes, but the design of their hull and also their armament and sensors compare poorly with those of contemporary destroyers and even with those of Taiwan's refitted ex-US ships.

   Some 16 of the class were completed between 1971 and 1991 by three yards (Luda, Shanghai and Dalian), and one unit was scrapped after an explosion of Zanijiang in August 1978. The ships have possessed an underway replenishment capability since the early 1980s, but have poor command and control facilities. In 1987, Jinan was refitted with a hangar and flight platform aft for two Z-9A helicopters, replacing the after gun mountings and the depth-charge throwers, to become the sole Luda II-class trials vessel.

   China has made several attempts to obtain Western armament and electronics for these ships, but almost all of these failed. The sole exceptions are the French Crotale octuple launcher for the HQ-7 SAM (and associated radar) in Kaifeng, Dalian and Xian, and the Tavitac combat data system (complete with Vega fire-control system) in some ships. The Luda III-class ship Zhuhai was completed in 1991 with four twin launchers for YJ-1 (CSS-N-4 Sardine) surface-to-surface missiles, two triple tubes for Mk.46 torpedoes and much French electronic gear. CY-1 anti-submarine missiles may be fitted on the after set of missile launchers.



Luda class destroyer

Luda class destroyer

Luda class destroyer

Luda class destroyer


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