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Ivan Rogov class

Amphibious assault ship

New Ivan Rogov class amphibious assault ship

The new Ivan Rogov class amphibious assault ships are based on a French Mistral class design

Country of origin Russia
Entered service Expected in 2026
Crew 320
Sea endurance 30 days
Dimensions and displacement
Length 220 m
Beam 33 m
Draught 7.5 m
Displacement, standard ?
Displacement, full load 25 000 tons
Propulsion and speed
Speed 22 knots
Propulsion ?
Troops up to 900
Troops (surge capacity) ?
Vehicles 10 tanks, 50 infantry fighting vehicles
Landing craft
Landing craft 2 - 6 Serna or Dyugon class
Fixed wing -
Helicopters up to 20
Artillery 1 x 100 mm gun, 3 x Kashtan 30 mm CIWS
Missiles 2 x Pantsyr-M


   In 2020 two new Project 23900 amphibious assault ships were launched in Russia. These are being built by Zaliv shipyard in Crimea. The lead ship Ivan Rogov is planned to be commissioned in 2026. The second ship of the class, Mitrofan Moskalenko, is planned to follow in 2027. The same names were carried over from Ivan Rogov class amphibious transport docks that were decommissioned in the mid 1990s.

   In 2010 Russia ordered two Mistral class amphibious assault ships from France. It was planned that another two ships of the same class will be built in Russia. However the deal was cancelled due to Russia's military aggression in Ukraine. In 2015 two completed Mistral class ships were sold to Egypt instead.

   The new amphibious assault ships are larger than the French Mistral class ships. It seems that the Russian design was derived from that of the French Mistral class.

   Primary mission for these new Russian ships is amphibious landing operations. They will also provide command and force projection capability.

   It is planned that the new warships will carry up to 900 marines alongside with 10 main battle tanks and 50 infantry fighting vehicles. Troops and equipment will be delivered ashore by Serna and Dyugon class landing craft or by helicopters.

   The Project 23900 amphibious assault ships will have a hangar deck and will be capable of accommodating of up to 20 helicopters. The airwing will include a mix of naval Ka-27 ASW, SAR and utility helicopters, Ka-29 assault transport helicopters, Ka-31 airborne early warning helicopters and Ka-52K attack helicopters.

   Armament of the ship will include a 100 mm A190 naval gun. Short-range air defense will be provided by 3 Kashtan 30 mm Close-In Weapon Systems (CIWS). Also there will be two Pantsyr-M air defense gun/missile systems.

   It is planned that the new warships will have a range of 5 200 nautical miles (9 700 km) at economical cruising speed.

   The cost for each ship will be around $675 Million.


Name Laid down Launched Commissioned Status
Ivan Rogov 2020 ? Expected in 2026

under construction

Mitrofan Moskalenko 2020 ? Expected in 2027

under construction



New Ivan Rogov class amphibious assault ship

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