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Georges Leygues class

Guided-missile destroyer

Georges Leygues class destroyer

All Georges Leygues class ships are armed with a 100 mm dual-purpose gun

Country of origin France
Entered service 1979
Crew 235 men
Sea endurance ?
Dimensions and displacement
Length 139 m
Beam 14 m
Draught 5.7 m
Displacement, standard 3 830 tons
Displacement, full load 4 850 tons
Propulsion and speed
Speed 30 knots
Gas turbines 2 x 57 000 shp
Range 13 500 km
Helicopters 2 x Lynx Mk.4
Artillery 1 x 100 mm gun, 2x 30 mm or 2 x 20 mm anti-aircraft guns
Missiles 4 x MM.38 (MM.40) Exocet anti-ship missiles, octuple Crotale Naval surface-to-air missile launcher, 2 x twin Simbad launchers for Mistral surface-to-air missiles
Torpedoes 2 x torpedo tubes for ten L5 anti-submarine torpedoes


   Rated as anti-submarine frigates by the French navy, the seven ships of the Georges Leygues class were built at a leisurely rate. The first three units: Georges Leygues, Dupleix and Montcalm were authorised in 1971 and laid down between 1974-75. They were commissioned in 1979, 1981 and 1982, respectively. Four further vessels: Jean De Vienne, Primauguet, La Motte-Picquet and Latouche-Treville were completed and joined between 1984-90. With 30-year service lives planned, the first three vessels will be retired during 2009-12.

   The first two ships of the Georges Leygues class were armed with sea-skimming Exocet anti-ship missiles of the MM.38 type, while the remaining vessels have the extended-range MM.40. Air defence is handled by a single octuple Crotale Naval launcher on all vessels, and two Simbad twin launchers for Mistral missiles may be carried in lieu of two 20 mm anti-aircraft guns on the last four ships. Two Sadral sextuple surface-to-air missile launchers for the Mistral SAM and two 30 mm Breda/Mauser guns were fitted to the first four ships in the class as part of an air defense upgrade.

   For their primary mission of engaging submarines, the Georges Leygues ships carry a comprehensive sonar fit and are armed with L5 anti-submarine torpedoes launched from two fixed tubes. With active/passive homing, these have a range of only 9 km which is uncomfortably close enough to raise concerns regarding fratricide. The ships carry two Lynx Mk.4 helicopters armed with Mk.46 or Mu 90 anti-submarine torpedoes, except Georges Leygues which carries no helicopters, its hangar being converted for training. The helicopters track and monitor submarine contacts.



Georges Leygues class destroyer

Georges Leygues class destroyer

Georges Leygues class destroyer


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