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De la Penne class

Guided-missile destroyer

De la Penne destroyer

The De la Penne class guided-missile destroyers are protected by Kevlar armor

Country of origin Italy
Entered service 1993
Crew 377 men
Sea endurance ?
Dimensions and displacement
Length 147.7 m
Beam 16.1 m
Draught 8.6 m
Displacement, standard 4 300 tons
Displacement, full load 5 400 tons
Propulsion and speed
Speed 31 knots
Range 12 964 km at 18 knots
Gas turbines 2 x 54 000 shp
Diesel engines 2 x 12 600 shp
Helicopters 2 x AB 212ASW, SH-3D or  EH101
Artillery 1 x OTO Melara 127 mm gun, 3 x OTO Melara 76 mm Super Rapid guns
Missiles 4 or 8 OTOMAT Teseo Mk.2 (two or four twin) anti-ship missiles, one Mk.13 launcher for SM-1MR Standard surface-to-air missiles, one Albatros Mk.2 surface-to-air missile launcher for Aspide missiles, one OTO Melara/Matra Milas anti-submarine missile launcher with Mk.46 Mod 5 or Mu 90 torpedoes
Torpedoes 2 x tripple B-515 324 mm torpedo tubes with Mk.46 torpedoes


   The guided-missile destroyers Animoso and Ardimentoso were laid down in 1986 and 1988 respectively. They were launched in 1989 and 1991 and both commissioned in 1993. The previous year the Italian navy had decided to re-name both of the ships after Italian naval heroes of World War II. Animoso and Ardimentoso were thus renamed Luigi Durand de la Penne and Francesco Mimbelli respectively.

   These multi-role destroyers have served in the Adriatic during NATO operations in Bosnia and in 2000 were fitted with the OTO Melara/Matra Milas anti-submarine system, which can launch a Mk 46 or Mu 90 torpedo out to a range of 55 km. Their primary anti-ship weapon is the OTOMAT Teseo Mk.2, a sea-skimmer with a range of 180 km and a 210 kg warhead. The weapons were planned to be replaced by the Teseo Mk 3, with radar/IR-homing to a range of 300 km. The ships are also fitted with one OTO Melara 127 mm main gun mounting forward (taken from the 'B' turrets of the Audace class), and three OTO Melara Super Rapid 76 mm dual-purpose guns as secondary armament. Six 324 mm torpedo tubes are fitted to deploy further Mk.46 torpedoes with a 11 km range. The ships can also deploy either AB 212ASW SH-3D Sea King or EH 101 helicopters for stand-off anti-submarine warfare missions.

   For the air defence role, these DDGs are armed with a total of 40 SM-1MR Standard missiles, which are launched from a single-arm launcher. The vessels may be upgraded to carry the SM-2 Standard missile. For point-defence, a single Albatros Mk.2 octuple automatic-loading launcher is used to deploy the Aspide semi-active radar-homing surface-to-air missiles, of which 16 are carried. Aspide has a range of 13 km flying at a speed of Mach 2.5.



De la Penne class destroyer

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De la Penne class destroyer

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De la Penne class destroyer

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