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Truvelo SG-1

Sniper rifle

Truvelo SG-1

The Truvelo Armory SG-1 is one of the most capable sniper rifles ever manufactured

Country of origin South Africa
Entered service ?
Caliber 7.62x51 mm NATO
Weight 7.98 kg
Length 119 mm
Barrel length 765 mm
Muzzle velocity 840 m/s
Muzzle energy 3352 Joules
Magazine capacity 5 rounds
Sighting range ?
Range of effective fire 600 m
Maximum range of fire ~ 800 m


   The SG-1 (Scharfschutzen Gewehr 1) is a sniper rifle manufactured in South Africa by Truvelo. It is a "no compromise" weapon, designed for both maximum accuracy, and maximum adaptability to the customer's requirements.

   Neither the weapon nor its usage have received much publicity, so little information on this exotic weapon is available within the public domain. Given that the South African arms industry has a policy of keeping their transactions confidential, any hard, publicly-available information on their products is often difficult to obtain. Fortunately, some detailed information on the weapon's construction and features is either published or in the public domain.

   There is also no such thing as a standard model of the SG-1, nor any model at all for that matter, as each rifle is usually custom-built to order. Thus, the description featured here is of a typical example; most SG-1s will have most or all of these features.

   The moving parts of the SG-1 are made of nickel-chrome-molybdenum steel, while its furniture is predominantly duralumin. The muzzle may be threaded to accept a suppressor. The receiver is constructed primarily from duraluminum, but has some steel components. The barrels are made from cold haller-forged stainless steel, and may be constructed to custom lengths. Magnum versions are normally fitted with a muzzle brake, and 7.62x51 mm NATO-chambered models may be threaded to accept a sound suppressor.

   The buttplate has a rubber pad, and can be adjusted for length of pull, height, and angle. The grip, guards, and trigger group are made of composites, and the duraluminum stock is adjustable for height. The trigger is adjustable for pull weight, angle, and finger reach, while the pistol grip has an adjustable handrest. The foregrip is conspicuously ventilated with horizontal slots. The folding bipod can be adjusted for both height and cant, and even includes a bubble level. SG-1s are apparently not normally fitted with "iron" sights, but are normally fitted with a mount for a telescopic sight.

   Little information concerning the SG-1's shooting characteristics has been published, save that it is capable of 0.5 MOA accuracy with match-grade ammunition. It can be inferred with if the weapon is correctly handled and maintained, and match-grade ammunition is employed, any inaccuracy while firing the SG-1 is the fault of the user.

   The SG-1 is also available in alternate chamberings, 2 of which are publicized; .300 Winchester Magnum, and .338 Lapua Magnum. Different magazine capacities are available, depending on the customer's orders, and even hand-fed, single-shot models are available.

   As it is marketed almost exclusively to law enforcement agencies, government organizations, and special forces units, it cannot be confirmed how many operators there are for the SG-1 --- if there are even any at all.

   Unit cost depends on the configuration of the weapon, with the "typical" example outlined above costing between $2 000 and $2 500. It is unknown if the SG-1 is still offered, but it is no longer actively marketed. Being designed for serious military and paramilitary use, it is highly doubtful that an authentic SG-1 would be available for civilian purchase.




   Truvelo Armory manufactures two other series' of bolt action rifles, which share several design elements with the SG-1.

   CMS: The CMS (Counter-Measure Series) series of sniper rifles and anti-material rifles are chambered in 7.62x51 mm, 8.6x70 mm (.338 Lapua Magnum), 12.7x99 mm (.50BMG), and 14.5x114 mm.

   SR: anti-material rifles are chambered in 20x82 mm or 20x110 mm.



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