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Beretta ARX-160

Assault rifle

Beretta ARX-160

The Beretta ARX-160 is a modular and multi-caliber assault rifle

Country of origin Italy
Entered service 2008
Caliber 5.56x45 mm NATO
Weight (unloaded) 3.1 kg
Length 920 mm
Length (with folded stock) 755 mm
Barrel length 410 mm
Muzzle velocity ?
Cyclic rate of fire 700 rpm
Practical rate of fire 40 - 100 rpm
Magazine capacity 30 rounds
Sighting range 600 m
Range of effective fire 600 m


   The Beretta ARX-160 assault rifle was developed for Italian armed forces as a part of the Soldato Futuro (future solider) program. Sometimes it is referred as Coyote. This weapon was introduced in 2008. During the same year deliveries commenced to the Italian armed forces, where it began to replace the Beretta's AR-70/90. By 2014 around 30 000 assault rifles were delivered. This assault rifle has been exported to Albania, Bahrain, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Mexico and Turkmenistan. However in other countries the ARX-160 is typically used in relatively small numbers mostly by elite forces.

   The ARX-160 is a modular multi-caliber weapon, similar in concept to the older FN SCAR or Bushmaster ACR. It can be easily broken down into a handful of main parts, and can use different barrels and magazines. Calibers can be replaced by simply changing the barrel, bolt, lower receiver and magazine. Also there are various barrels. So there are available numerous variations of this weapon. All of these features offer great tactical flexibility.

   The baseline ARX-160 is chambered in standard NATO 5.56x45 mm (.223 Remington) round. This version is used by Italian armed forces. Also there are versions, chambered in 6.8x43 mm Remington SPC, 5.45x39 mm and 7.62x39 mm ammunition. There is also a version chambered in 5.6x15 mmR (.22 LR) ammunition. This weapon was also tested chambered in standard NATO 7.62x51 mm ammunition. If this caliber will be approved, the ARX-160 could be also converted as a battle rifle or squad automatic weapon.

   This assault rifle is available with standard 16" (410 mm), or shorter 12" (302 mm) barrel. The barrel can be removed and replaced in seconds without any tools. So the solider can briefly reconfigure this weapon from assault rifle to carbine. Also there are two barrels, that are being tested - a 16" heavy barrel and longer 20" (510 mm) barrel. These might be used to configure the ARX-160 as a squad automatic weapon or a marksmen rifle.

   The ARX-160 is a gas operated weapon. It is made from newest materials. Overall it proved itself well. Designing this weapon emphasis was stressed on ergonomics. It is convenient both for right- or left-handed shooters. Charging handle can be relocated from one side to another. The ejection port is open to both sides and the shooter can easily change which side spent cartridge cases are ejected. Fire mode selector and magazine release are also ambidextrous.

   The ARX-160 is fed from 30-round steel or plastic magazines. The A2 version accepts all standard NATO M16-type magazines. It is also compatible with 100-round round drum magazines. Versions chambered in Soviet 7.62x39 mm and 5.45x39 mm calibers can accept standard magazines of the AK-47 and AK-74 respectively.

   This weapon has a Picatinny-type rails for various sights and accessories. The primary optical sight is the Aimpoint ACIES red dot sight. It is an Italian version oft he M68 sight. It is a battery-powered non-magnifying sight. Other night or thermal sights can be also fitted. Also there are back-up iron sights, fitted as standard. The rear sight has 5 positions from 100 to 600 meters. At this range the rifle is accurate enough and hits silhouettes.

   The ARX-160 has a side-folding telescopic buttstock, which is adjustable for length.

   This weapon can mount various accessories, such as a bayonet, bipod, or vertical foregrip. It is compatible with Beretta GLX-160 40-mm grenade launcher, which can be mounted under the barrel, or used as a standalone weapon. The bayonet is mounted on top of the barrel, rather than underneath it. So this weapon can mount bayonet and grenade launcher simultaneously. The Beretta ARX-160 can also mount a sound suppressor.




   ARX-160A1 is a baseline version. It has a longer buttstock. Its backup sights are not removable.

   ARX-160A2, also referred as ARX-160SF (Special Forces). It was developed for Italian special forces. This version has some refinements, including a shorter buttstock. Ii is used with a 12" (302 mm barrel).

   ARX-160A3 is improved version with some minor improvements, such as improved foregrip ventilation and improved shape of the pistol grip. It uses improved polymer materials, that increase the weapon's durability.

   ARX-160PDW is a version with a very short barrel.

   ARX-200 is a battle rifle, chambered for much more powerful 7.62x51 mm NATO ammunition. There is a semi-automatic only designated marksman version, which has a number of differences, such as different buttstock with cheek.

   ARX-100 is a civilian semi-automatic version.



Beretta ARX-160

Beretta ARX-160

Beretta ARX-160

Beretta ARX-160

Beretta ARX-160

Beretta ARX-160

Beretta ARX-160


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