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Barrett M82

Anti-material and sniper rifle

Barrett M82 sniper rifle

The Barrett M82 was designed to destroy sensitive enemy equipment at long range

Country of origin United States
Entered service 1989
Caliber 12.7x99 mm (.50 BMG)
Weight (unloaded, without scope) 12.9 kg
Length 1 448 mm
Barrel length 737 mm
Muzzle velocity 854 m/s
Muzzle energy 15 580 Joules
Magazine capacity 10 rounds
Sighting range ~ 2 000 m
Range of effective fire 1 000 m
Maximum effective range 1 800 m
Accuracy 1.5 - 2 MOA


   The Barrett M82 is a semi-automatic anti-material rifle, designed and developed by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company. This company was founded by Ronnie Barrett. This weapon is very popular. It is used by armed forces and special operation units from nearly 60 countries. As of 2017 this weapon is still in production. In some countries this anti-material rifle is used as a long-range anti-personnel sniper weapon.

   Development of this powerful anti-material rifle began in the early 1980s. Working versions were ready by 1982, hence the designation M82. It is worth noting that the M82 is a company designation, rather than a US military designation. The Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company developed and manufactured every part of this weapon on its own. In 1986, and improved M82A1 version was introduced. The company successfully sold 100 rifles to Swedish Armed Forces in 1989. In 1990-1991 US Marine Corps obtained around 125 of these rifles. Soon followed orders from the US Army and Air Force. Today this anti-material rifle is in service with nearly 60 countries and used by military and law enforcement forces.

   The Barrett M82 is primarily used as anti-material weapon. This rifle was designed to destroy sensitive enemy equipment at long distances, which traditionally would have required rocket launchers, recoilless rifles, anti-tank missiles, mortars, or even artillery to engage. These include parked aircraft, radar units, lightly-armored vehicles, trucks, pillboxes, fuel silos and various other important assets at long range. It is also used for remote destruction of explosive ordnance.

   Despite its anti-material origins, the Barrett M82 is also used as a long-range sniper rifle. It can neutralize enemy snipers at standoff range. The rifle can be also used to hit enemy soldiers, that are hiding behind cover and walls, as its powerful ammunition can penetrate through bricks and concrete. These make the Barrett M82 ideal for raids, special forces applications, harassment of enemy forces, and interdiction missions.

   Even though Barrett M82 is not among the longest range sniper rifles in the world, a couple of long-range kills were made using this weapon. In 2004 American sniper Brian Kremer made a record kill in Iraq from 2 300 meters using his M82A1 rifle. In 2008 another American sniper Nicholas Ranstad made a kill in Afghanistan from 2 092 meters using his M82A1 rifle. So far these two are the longest range kills made by the Barrett M82 series rifles. However this weapon is typically used out to a range of around 900-1 000 meters.

   The Barrett M82 is a recoil-operated semi-automatic weapon. It is chambered for powerful 12.7x99 mm (.50 BMG) ammunition. This ammunition was originally developed for and used in Browning M2 heavy machine gun. Sometimes the Barrett M82 is referred as "Light Fifty" for its cartridge.

   This weapon has a unique recoil reduction mechanism. The muzzle brake is said to absorb 70% of the recoil. It reduces the forces acting on internal mechanisms and the shooter.

   This weapon has a manual thumb-lever safety.

   This weapon is fed from 10-round detachable magazines.

   The Barrett M82 was often fitted with Leupold 10x magnification scope. This weapon can be also used with night vision scopes. There is a flip-up iron sight for emergency use in case of scope damage. Modern variants have a Picatinny-type scope rail on top of the receiver.

   The M82 is fully capable of hitting a human-sized target consistently with the first round fired at 1 000 m (and has done so on an almost daily basis in some instances), and possibly even out to 2 000 m.

   The original Barrett M82 has a built-in carrying handle, while the modern versions come with quick-detachable one. This rifle also has a detachable bipod. This weapon can be fitted with carry sling. However due to its size the Barrett M82 is usually carried in special case.

   As of 2017 the unit cost of the rifle ranges from $9 100 to $12 000, depending on configuration.




   Barrett M82A1 is an improved version. It was introduced in 1986. This version was fitted with flip-up iron sights for emergency use and has a larger muzzle brake. This weapon can be mounted on the M3 and M122 infantry tripods, originally intended for machine guns.

   Barrett M82A1M is a further improved version, developed for the US military. It has a long Picatinny-type rail on top of the receiver and can accept various scopes. This weapon also has a rear grip and monopod socket.

   Barrett M82A2 version with a bullpup layout. It was introduced in 1987. This version was designed to be fired from the shoulder, against helicopters. However it was not a success and production was stopped soon.

   M82A3 is a US Marine Corps designation of the Barrett M82A1M. It is also officially referred as Special Applications Scoped Rifle. The US Marine Corps obtained significant number of these rifles. This weapon saw action during Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and the War in Afghanistan. In 2004 the US Marine Corps' sniper Steve Reichert made a kill in Iraq from 1 614 meters using his M82A3 rifle.

   M107 is a US Army's designation of the Barrett M82A1M. It was adopted in 2002. It uses a Leupold Mk.4 scope with 4.5-14x magnification. In the US Army it is officially referred as Long-Range Sniper Rifle. Production of this weapon ceased in 2010. The M107A1 is a commercial version, produced since 2011.


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Barrett M82 sniper rifle

Barrett M82 sniper rifle

Barrett M82 sniper rifle

Barrett M82 sniper rifle

Barrett M82 sniper rifle

Barrett M82 sniper rifle

Barrett M82 sniper rifle

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