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Case 721 CXT

Wheeled loader

Case 721 CXT

In the British Army service the Case 721 CXT is known as Medium Wheeled Tractor

Country of origin United States
Entered service Late 2000s
Crew 1 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 16.6 t
Length 8.48 m
Width 2.42 m
Height 3.23 m
Bucket capacity 2.1 m
Lifting capacity 10 t
Winch capacity 10 t
Earth working capacity ?
Engine Case 6T-830 diesel
Engine power 171 hp
Maximum road speed 39 km/h
Range ?
Gradient ~ 50%
Side slope ~ 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.5 m
Trench ~ 0.5 m
Fording ~ 1 m


   The Case 721 CXT wheeled loader is a further development of the 721 BXT. It is a commercial machine. In late 2000s UK MoD ordered 103 Case 721 CXT wheeled loaders. These have been customized to meet the British Army requirement. It entered service as Medium Wheeled Tractor (MWT). These machines are used by the Royal Engineers. The older Case 721 BXT is also in service with the British Army and Royal Marines.

   This wheeled loader is used for a variety of roles, including earthmoving, excavation, heavy lifting and material handling.

   The Case 721 CXT is fitted with a multipurpose 2.1 m bucket. For material handling role the bucket can be replaced with side-shift pallet forks. This machine can be also fitted with other tools, such as trackway dispenser. The Case 721 CXT can carry, deploy and recover a 32 m length of Class 30 trackway. Vehicle is also fitted with a front-mounted 10 t capacity winch.

   For operation in hotspot areas wheeled loader can be fitted with an armored cab. This cab was designed by Penman Engineering. It provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. It can clear burning vehicles and barricades.

   This wheeled loader is powered by a Case 6T-830 8.3-liter turbocharged diesel engine, developing 171 hp. It is mated to a ZF gearbox with 4 forward and 3 reverse gears. Vehicle has a 4x4 configuration. Maximum road speed is 39 km/h. In traveling order vehicle deploys carrying its own spare wheel.

   Eight machines were modified for operation in Arctic climate at temperatures down to -40C and water up to 1.5 m deep. These machines can be transported by landing craft and land from sea to shore. These can be used to prepare beachheads and lay trackway underwater.



Case 721 CXT

Case 721 CXT

Case 721 CXT

Case 721 CXT


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