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Dassault Mirage 2000B/C

Multi-role fighter

Mirage 2000B/C fighter

The Dassault Mirage 2000B/C is a third generation of Mirage warplanes

Dassault Mirage 2000-5
Country of origin France
Entered service 1983
Crew 1 men
Dimensions and weight
Length 14.65 m
Wing span 9.13 m
Height 5.2 m
Weight (combat) 7.5 t
Weight (maximum take off) 9.5 t
Engines and performance
Engines 1 x SNECMA M53-P2 turbofan
Traction (dry / with afterburning) 64.33 / 98.06 kN
Maximum speed 2 335 km/h
Service ceiling 18.3 km
Range 1 445 km
Cannon 2 x 30 mm DEFA 554 cannons
Missiles 4 x MICA and 2 x Magic 2 air-to-air missiles
Bombs up 6 300 kg of bombs and precision guided munitions


   For the third generation of its Mirage warplane series, Dassault returned to the delta configuration -  using negative longitudinal stability and an fly-by-wire flight control system - to eliminate many of the shortcomings of a conventionally controlled delta. This combination confers the resulting Mirage 2000 with exceptional maneuverability. A high-priority development programme was launched to ensure a service debut in 1982. The first of five prototypes made its maiden flight in March 1978. Delivery of 124 production 2000C single-seat interceptors began to the Armee de l'air in 1983.

   Three units were equipped, with early aircraft fitted with M53-5 engines and RDM radar. The 38th 2000C introduced the definitive initial standard with the M53-P2 engine and RDI radar optimized for look-down/shoot-down intercepts with Super 530D semi-active radar-homing air-to-air missiles.

   The Mirage 2000B is the two-seat conversion trainer equivalent of the 2000C; it dispenses with both cannon and features a small fuselage stretch to accommodate a second seat. All trainers retain full combat capability and have RDI radar (except first 15 aircraft) and M53-5 engines. Orders were terminated in 1991 as an economy measure after the completion of 30 production 2000Bs.

   Export series aircraft are designated 2000E (single-seat) and 20000ED (trainer). Aircraft similar to early production French 2000B/Cs were built for Egypt (20), India (49) and Peru (12), while Mirages with upgraded electronic warfare suites were built for Abu Dhabi (36) and Greece (30). Abu Dhabi's order also included eight 2000RAD reconnaissance variants able to carry side-looking airborne radar, long-range oblique photography and other podded sensors.

   The much-improved 2000-5 introduced RDY multi-mode radar (compatible with MICA air-to-air missiles), improved cockpit systems and an upgraded electronic warfare suite. Some 37 French 2000Cs were upgraded to 2000-5F standard in 1994-97. Exports have been made to Taiwan in 1997-98 and subsequently to Qatar.



Mirage 2000B fighter

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Mirage 2000B fighter

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Mirage 2000B fighter

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