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Zaal Tchkuaseli

Zaal Tchkuaseli

Zaal Tchkuaseli, journalist and military expert


   I bet you would like to know about Zaal Tchkuaseli, author of numerous articles, published on Military-Today.com website.

   Zaal is a journalist and military expert. He has a Master's degree in Military Journalism. Co-founder and director of Militarium non-commercial research organization. Former diplomat of Georgia in South Korea.

   He comes from Tbilisi, a capital of Georgia. It is a small but beautiful country, located in the middle of Caucasus.

   Zaal has great knowledge in weapons and various military systems. He was always interested in technology and military equipment. However he can not say where exactly this love and passion came from, or who inspired him. But military vehicles, machines, airplanes and helicopters always excited and amazed him with their supremacy and beauty, perfection and complexity.

   One day he was looking through his old possessions, when he suddenly found drawings that he has made in the early childhood. Looking at them he was stunned and happy at the same time. These were drawings of airplanes, tanks and helicopters. So this passion was always subconsciously with him since the early days.

   Zaal explains why he loves armament: - "for me every military machine accumulates all achievements and science and knowledge of mankind". He believes that each military machine is perfect in some way. And of course they are beautiful and gracious.

   Zaal says that it is a fact, that development of civilization was directly connected to the development of armament and weaponry. Mankind was always creative and genius when it comes to survival and self-defense. This resulted to invention of innovative and sophisticated weapons.

   Zaal says that nowadays every single thing and object that we use everyday was conceived and born in a military sphere. Without advances in military technology things like mobile phones, GPS, computers, internet and other modern civil technology would be unimaginable. Everything originated from military inventions. That is why through knowing weaponry today we can easily understand what to expect from tomorrow.

   When it was time to choose his profession he chose journalism, hoping that this profession would help him to engage with his spheres of interest. And eventually he was right. Journalism allowed him to access the desired world and allowed to describe and express it in various creative ways.

   Zaal graduated Tbilisi state university as bachelor. Later he studied in Italian universities of Perugia and Salerno to get a master degree in journalism. His master thesis was dedicated to military journalism during 2008 Georgian-Russian War.

   Generally Zaal Tchkuaseli is a journalist specializing in technology, weapons, equipment and tactics. He worked with Georgian TV channels, magazines and editorial offices. Also he presents themes on intelligence and secret services on various conferences and workshops. Military journalism had always remained his true passion.

   "Seeing my signature under a publication is probably what brings the biggest joy to me. It is not an easy job to deliver a well stipulated and thought out article that has enough qualities to keep the reader intrigued, but it is worth all the efforts and I have dedicated a lot of time to deliver some quality pieces".

   Zaal is a Georgian army reservist. Furthermore he was lucky to participate in various drills organized by the defense ministry and passed many specialized military trainings for journalists.

   At the same time Zaal Tchkuaseli loves nature and respects environment. People often ask him how he combines such different outlooks. It appears that love to nature also came from the military sphere. When he served in the Georgian army reserves, among many other tasks one of the main missions was to defend and maintain nature, protect environment from poachers and vicious exploiters. That is why when he refers to weapons he never uses words such as "destroy", "kill", "ruin" and so on. Instead he says "self-defense", "security", "safety", "protection" and "development".

   For a long time Zaal had a strong desire to make his voice heard globally. He is writing articles for Military-Today.com since 2010. He writes about various military machines. However particularly Zaal has great interest in aircraft and helicopters. Thousands of people from all over the world come to read his articles.

   "Follow Military-Today, love weaponry and stay up-to-date with modern military technology" says Zaal.

   There was a surprising twist in his career when in 2013 Zaal was enlisted in the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Georgia, in the Press and Information Department. In 2015 he continued in a Counselor position with the embassy of Georgia in the Republic of Korea (South Korea). He served as a diplomat until 2018.

   Since 2019 Zaal is a co-founder and director of Militarium non-commercial research organization. This organization has a web source related to defense, security, strategy and global sources.

   This is his story. But it does not end here.


   You can contact Zaal Tchkuaseli on [email protected]


Zaal Tchkuaseli

Zaal Tchkuaseli

Zaal Tchkuaseli

Zaal Tchkuaseli

Zaal Tchkuaseli

Zaal Tchkuaseli

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