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Tatra T816

Heavy high-mobility truck

Tatra T816

A large number of Tatra T816 high-mobility trucks is in service with United Arab Emirates

Entered service 1996
Configuration 8x8
Cab seating 1 + 2 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 15.7 t
Payload capacity 13.7 - 20.3 t
Length 8.9 m
Width 2.6 m
Height 3.14 m
Engine Deutz 1015C diesel
Engine power 544 hp
Maximum road speed 115 km/h
Range 800 km
Gradient 100%
Side slope 57%
Vertical step 0.6 m
Trench 2 m
Fording 1.25 m


   The Tatra T816 heavy high-mobility truck was specially developed to meet a requirement of the United Arab Emirates. Eventually Tatra won the contract and a total of 1 100 military trucks were sold to United Arab Emirates. Deliveries commenced in 1996 and were completed in 1997. Until 1998 these trucks were branded as the T816G3 LIWA. Currently UAE is the only operator of this high-mobility tactical truck. The T816 is a member of Tatra T815-6 or Tatra Force family. Indeed sometimes designations of various Tatra models are confusing.

   The T816 is a continuous evolution of the Tatra T815 which appeared back in 1983. These heavy-duty tactical trucks were specially designed for military needs and operation in the most difficult terrain and climatic conditions. Despite the fact that the T816 resembles the later later models of the T815 series it is different in many respects. It uses different automotive components. Some of them are of Western origin.

   United Arab Emirates operate a number of versions of this high-mobility truck. The Tatra T816 with a general service troop/cargo body has a payload capacity ranging from 13.7 (still retains high off-road mobility) to a maximum of 20.3 t. The cargo body has drop-sides and drop-tailgate. Cargo area can be covered with bows and canvas cover. Some troop/cargo trucks were fitted with a hydraulic crane. It has a maximum capacity of 2.9 t. The crane is used for loading and unloading operations. Vehicle can tow trailers and artillery pieces with a maximum weight of 15 t over sand and 25 t off-road. Maximum towed load on hard surface roads is a whooping 65 t.

   Other versions of the T816 in service with the UAE are water tanker, fuel tanker, flatrack carrier, container carrier and recovery vehicle.

   The Tatra T816 can be identified by a four-section windscreen. An all-metal cab of this truck accommodates driver and one passenger. There is also another seat for third occasional passenger. There is a roof-hatch for observation, emergency exit and firing. The cab is tilted forward for maintenance.

   The Tatra T816 is powered by a German Deutz 1015C turbocharged diesel engine, developing 544 hp. It is worth mentioning that most other Tatra trucks use indigenous air-cooled diesel engines. Engine is located under and behind the cab. It is mated to American 6-speed automatic transmission. An 8x8 configuration is selected over rough terrain. On hard surface roads an 8x4 configuration is selected for maximum range and speed. Both front axles are steered.

   This truck uses unique Tatra's independent swinging half-axles. Each wheel moves up and down independently, which allows exceptional cross country mobility and higher speeds on rough roads. This unique chassis has been constantly developed and improved.

   Vehicle has a semi-automatic central tyre inflation system. It improves mobility over deserts and muddy terrain. The truck is also fitted with tactical tyres. A self-recovery winch was optional.




   Cargo truck, fitted with hydraulic crane;

   Water tanker. This vehicle is intended to transport drinking water to the frontline. It has a 12 000 liter capacity;

   Fuel tanker. It carries 12 500 liters of fuel. This tanker has four independent drums and hoses and can refuel four vehicles simultaneously;

   Flatrack carrier, fitted with Multilift Mk.4 load handling system;

   Container carrier;

   Special wheeled chassis for various superstructures. It has a maximum payload capacity of 21.8 t;

   RV-20 SAS heavy recovery vehicle;

   Tatra T816-6VWN9T tank transporter.


Tatra T816

Tatra T816

Tatra T816

Tatra T816

Tatra T816

Tatra T816

Tatra T816

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