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Supacat Extenda

Long-range patrol vehicle

Supacat Extenda

The Supacat Extenda has a 4x4 configuration, however it can be reconfigured to 6x6 in less than 2 hours

Entered service ?
Configuration 4x4 / 6x6
Cab seating 1 + 3 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (empty) 5.5 t / 6.6 t
Maximum load 2.1 t / 3.9 t
Length 5.5 ~ 7 m
Width 2.05 m
Height 1.88 - 2.45 m
Engine Cummins 5.9-liter diesel
Engine power 185 hp
Maximum road speed 120 km/h
Range 700 / 800 km
Gradient 50%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.5 m
Trench 0.7 m
Fording 1 m


   The Supacat Extenda patrol vehicle is a derivative of the Supacat Jackal. It has a modular design. The Extenda has a 4x4 configuration, however it can be reconfigured to 6x6 model within two hours. The 6x6 model has enhanced capabilities and offers more payload capacity. When not required, the third axle module is removed. The Extenda has been ordered by Australian and Norwegian special forces. It is worth noting that other similar Supacat vehicles, the Jackal and Coyote, also received production orders.

   The Extenda offers greater range and flexibility than the Jackal. This cross-country vehicle has various cab configurations. It is intended for long-range patrols. It provides seating for driver and three passengers. Vehicle can tow light trailers of artillery pieces.

   Vehicle has provision for two crew-served weapons. It can be armed with various combinations of 12.7-mm machine guns, 7.62-mm machine guns, and 40-mm automatic grenade launchers.

   The Extenda has got no armor protection, as vehicle exploits its mobility in order to avoid contacts with enemy. Emphasis was stressed on firepower and visibility. Vehicle is fitted with smoke grenade dischargers. Armored kit is available as an option. It provides protection against landmines, small arms fire and artillery shell splinters.

   The Supacat Extenda cross-country vehicle is powered by a Cummins 5.9-liter turbocharged diesel engine, developing 185 hp. Later these vehicles were proposed with the Cummins 6.7-liter diesel, used on Coyote. Vehicle has unusual mid-engined drivetrain layout. If required a third axle with chassis section is added, making it a 6x6 vehicle. Only basic tools are required to add this module and it takes less than two hours. Quick release fittings are used for brakes, electrical and suspension systems. The 4x4 variant can be airlifted by the CH-47 Chinook helicopter.




   Supacat Coyote, armored 6x6 variant, intended to support long-range patrols;

   Special Operations Vehicle Commando (SOV-Cdo), variant of the Extenda Mk.2, specially designed for Australian Special Forces. Some changes were made to meet specific Australian requirements. Australia ordered 89 of these vehicles.


Supacat Extenda

Supacat Extenda

Supacat Extenda

Supacat Extenda

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