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Sisu SA-240

Heavy utility truck

Sisu SA-240

The Sisu SA-240 military truck was primarily designed to tow heavy artillery pieces

Entered service 1984
Configuration 6x6
Cab seating 1 + 2 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (empty) 10 t
Maximum load 12 t
Length 7.8 m
Width 2.5 m
Height 3.1 m
Engine Cummins LTA 10 330T/T4 diesel
Engine power 330 hp
Maximum road speed 97 km/h
Range 600 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 40%
Vertical step ~ 0.6 m
Trench ~ 1 m
Fording 1 m


   The Sisu SA-240 heavy utility truck is also referred as the Rasi. Development of this military vehicle began in the 1980s. The SA-240 is a larger and heavier version of the SA-150, with a 6x6 drive configuration and improved payload capacity. Production commenced in 1984 and ceased in 1990. Currently it is in service with the Finnish Army.

   Primary function of the SA-240 is to tow heavy artillery pieces and carry ammunition. However this military vehicle is flexible enough, to be used for other applications, including troop and cargo transport. Maximum payload capacity is up to 12 000 kg.

   A three-person forward control cab has a heater and is fitted with a roof hatch. It provides seating for driver and two passengers.

   The rear cargo area has a steel frame construction and it covered with tarpaulin. Sides of the cargo area are removable. The Sisu Rasi can carry 24 - 30 soldiers in its rear cargo area.

   This military truck is powered by a Cummins LTA 10 330T/T4 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 330 hp. Engine is mounted under the cab. The Sisu SA-240 has a full-time all wheel drive. This military truck has a twisting chassis and a well balanced load distribution, that allows excellent cross-country mobility.


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Sisu SA-240

Sisu SA-240

Sisu SA-240