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Shaanxi SX4400

Tank transporter

Shaanxi SX4400

The Shaanxi SX4400 strongly resembles German MAN military trucks

Entered service ?
Configuration 8x8
Cab seating 1 + 1 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (curb) 16.1 t
Payload capacity 60 t
Length 8.7 ~ 9 m
Width 3 m
Height 2.9 ~ 3.1 m
Engine diesel
Engine power 536 hp
Maximum road speed 60 - 80 km/h
Range ?
Gradient 60%
Gradient (loaded) 27%
Side slope ?
Vertical step ?
Trench ?
Fording 1.2 m


   The Shaanxi SX4400 tractor truck is a recent Chinese development. It is a purpose-designed military vehicle, rather than militarized version of commercial design. It seems that it was designed to meet a Chinese army requirement. Recently Shaanxi developed a whole family of tactical military trucks, that externally externally strongly resemble older German MAN KAT 1 A1 heavy high mobility trucks. The SX4400 is a member of this new family. However it is unknown if this heavy equipment transporter was adopted by the Chinese army.

   The Shaanxi SX4400 is designed to operate in conjunction with a special high-mobility semi-trailer. This military vehicle can haul loads with a weight of 60 t. It can transport tanks, self-propelled artillery systems, combat vehicles, construction material and other heavy military equipment. The SX4400 can carry even the latest Chinese main battle tanks, such as the Type 99.

   The Shaanxi SX4400 has good cross-country mobility due to its full-time 8x8 configuration and powerful engine. It can transport loaded semi-trailers over all kinds of roads and over rough terrain. Overall the Shaanxi SX4400 is more capable than a Taian TA4360 6x6 tank transporter, that is widely used by Chinese army.

   Cab of this military truck strongly resembles that of MAN KAT 1 A1. Even though the cab is large, it accommodates only driver and co-driver. Windows are positioned vertically in order to reduce light reflections.

   This prime mover is powered by a Deutz BF8M1015C turbocharged diesel engine, developing 536 hp. Engine is located behind and under the cab. Such layout allowed to reduce overall height of the vehicle. Also it protects the radiator from damage or blockage with mud. On average this military vehicle consumes 110 liters of fuel for 100 km of road.


   Special thanks for Daniel Yang for sending images and information of this Chinese tank transporter!

Shaanxi SX4400









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