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Seddon Atkinson Strato

Tractor truck

Seddon Attkinson Strato

The Seddon Atkinson Strato is used only by non-combat units of the United Kingdom

Country of origin United Kingdom
Entered service 1992
Configuration 6x4
Cab seating 1 + 1 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (empty) 8.26 t
Towed load 44 t
Length 6.4 m
Width 2.5 m
Height 3.3 m
Engine Cummins N380 diesel
Engine power 380 hp
Maximum road speed 107 km/h
Range 950 km
Gradient 35.5%
Side slope ?
Vertical step ~ 0.5 m
Trench ~ 0.5 m
Fording ~ 0.6 m


   The Seddon Atkinson Strato is a militarized version of commercial tractor truck. It was ordered by the British MoD in 1992 as a part of large vehicle contract. It replaced the Scammell Crusader and was used by non-combat units of the British Army.

   This tractor truck has a 6x4 configuration and is used in conjunction with a Trailmaster three-axle semi-trailer to tow various assorted loads, such as Warrior infantry fighting vehicles and other loads with a maximum weight of 44 t.

   A tanker version of this prime mover can refuel main battle tanks, or light vehicles, such as Land Rovers. It is being replaced by a new General Support Tanker (GST) developed by Oshkosh.

   The most capable version of the Seddon Atkinson Strato is the Light 'A' tractor. It can tow heavier loads with a maximum weight of about 58 t. This vehicle has uprated chassis frame, axles, suspension, gearbox, and tyres to cope with increased weight.

   Cab of the Strato accommodates driver and one passenger. It has two sleeper bunks.

   This tractor truck is powered by a Cummins N380 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 380 hp. The Seddon Atkinson Strato vehicle and trailer combination has only limited off-road capability. It is normally used on highways.

   It is worth mentioning that the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force operate a similar Seddon Atkinson tractor truck with a 4x2 configuration.

   Since 1990 the Seddon Atkinson is the part of IVECO group. In 2005 it was announced, that future production of the Seddon Atkinson trucks would be carried in Spain. Manufacturing facilities in Britain were shut down in 2006 and currently the brand is defunct. The Seddon Atkinson Strato tractor trucks were retired from the British Army in 2012.




Seddon Attkinson Strato

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Seddon Attkinson Strato

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Seddon Attkinson Strato

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