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Renault Kerax 8x8

Heavy utility truck

Renault Kerax

The Renault Kerax is a range of medium- and heavy logistic trucks

Entered service 1997
Configuration 8x8
Cab seating 1 + 1 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (empty) 12 t
Maximum load 26 t
Length ?
Width ?
Height ?
Engine Renault DXi 11 diesel
Engine power 450 hp
Maximum road speed ~ 110 km/h
Range ~ 900 km
Gradient 50%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step 0.4 m
Trench 0.9 ~ 1.2 m
Fording 1.2 m


   The Renault Kerax is a French family of logistic trucks. It is a commercial designed, modified to suit military needs. Production commenced in 1997. This heavy truck range includes 4x4 version with 9.6 t payload capacity, 6x6 version with 14.6 t payload capacity and 8x8 version with 20 - 26 t payload capacity. Production of improved version of the Kerax commenced in 2006. Currently this military truck is in service with France and Belgium. Chad and Egypt also ordered a small number of these trucks. More than 900 of these military trucks were built to date. France operates about 400 of these vehicles.

   The Renault Kerax is designed for heavy transport missions. It is used to carry cargo, troops, weapons, containers and other equipment. A tractor version is available.

   The Kerax trucks are available with standard or armored cabs. The armored cab provides protection against small arms fire, artillery shell splinters, landmines and IEDs.

   The largest truck of the Kerax range is available with 8x8 and 8x4 wheel drive configurations. It is powered by Renault DXi 11 turbocharged diesel engine. This 11-liter engine was originally available in three power outputs, developing 330 hp, 380 hp and 440 hp. In 2009 this engine was updated and became more powerful. Currently it is developing 380 hp, 430 hp and 450 hp. A central tyre inflation system is proposed as an option.

   A small number of Kerax 8x4 recovery vehicles were manufactured for the Belgian Army. These vehicles were powered by 385 hp engine.


Renault Kerax

Renault Kerax

Renault Kerax

Renault Kerax

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