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Heavy tracked cargo carrier


The MT-T multi-purpose cargo carrier was produced between 1979 and 1992

Entered service 1979
Configuration Tracked
Cab seating 1 + 4 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (empty) 25 t
Payload capacity 12 t
Length 8.71 m
Width 3.28 m
Height 3 m
Engine V-64-4 diesel
Engine power 710 hp
Maximum road speed 65 km/h
Range 500 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step 0.65 m
Trench 2.5 m
Fording 1.3 m


   The MT-T heavy multi-purpose tracked transporter is used to transport cargo or tow trailers in off-road conditions. Production commenced in 1979. This military vehicle first appeared in the early 1980s. Production of this vehicles ceased in the 1992. Currently it is in service with Russia and some other countries.

   The MT-T has a payload capacity of 12 t. A large cargo area can be covered with bows and canvas. It provides seating for up to 18 troops. This tracked transporter can artillery pieces or special wheeled trailer with a maximum weight of up to 25 t.

   A forward control cab of the MT-T accommodates driver and four passengers. There are two roof hatches.

   The MT-T is powered by a V-64-4 multi-fuel diesel engine, developing 710 hp. It is derived from that used on the T-72 main battle tank. This engine was also used on some other Soviet tracked vehicles. Engine is located behind the cab. This tracked carrier uses suspension components of the T-64 main battle tank. Vehicle is fitted with a 25 t capacity winch, which is used for recovery and self-recovery operations. This tracked carrier can operate in temperature ranges from -45C to +45C.

   The MT-T was used as a basis for some other military vehicles, including PTS-2 amphibious cargo vehicle, MDK-3 trenching machine, BAT-2 armored tracklayer, PMM-2 amphibious bridging and ferrying system.


Video of the MT-T heavy tracked cargo carrier




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