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Heavy high mobility truck


It is claimed, that the MAN SX is the most mobile and reliable military truck

Entered service 2007
Configuration 8x8 men
Cab seating 1 + 2 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (empty) 13 - 21 t
Maximum load 14 - 16 t
Length 10.5 m
Width 2.55 m
Height 3.92 m
Engine MAN D2066 LFG diesel
Engine power 440 hp
Maximum road speed 90 km/h
Range 750 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 40%
Vertical step 0.6 m
Trench 1.9 m
Fording up to 1.5 m


   The MAN SX series of high mobility military trucks is a successor to the previous KAT 1, which was introduced with the German armed forces in the late 1960s. Developers claim, that the MAN SX are the most mobile and reliable military trucks currently on the market. It is in service with German military. The British armed forces also ordered over 7 000 various MAN SX and HX series military trucks, to replace the ageing fleet of Bedford, Leyland DAF and Foden military trucks. Deliveries commenced in 2007. Other operators are Austria, Denmark, Germany, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden and some other countries. The SX vehicles have a service life of 30 years.

   The MAN SX series high mobility truck shares some technologies with the MAN HX family, as well as FX and LX families. However it has a stiffer chassis and much greater mobility. The SX45 is an 8x8 heavy utility truck, designed to operate in tough off-road conditions. It has a payload capacity of 14 - 16 t. These trucks were specially developed to meet military requirements and are intended to carry heavy and specialized equipment, such as radars, command shelters, antenna masts, missile launchers and so on. It is also used as a load handling system to carry flatracks and containers. There are light and heavy recovery versions of this vehicle as well.

   The MAX SX family has a modular cab, which can be fitted with add-on armor protection kit. This kit was jointly developed by MAN and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. It provides protection against 7.62x39-mm rounds, artillery shell splinters, grenades, small anti-personnel mines. Armored modules are attached to the outside of the cab. Armored kit can be installed within 10 hours in field conditions.

   The MAN SX45 is also available with an integrated armored cab, which provides protection against 7.62x51-mm armor-piercing rounds, artillery shell splinters and withstands 8 kg anti-tank mine blast. An integrated cab can be equipped with remotely controlled weapon stations, fitted with 12.7-mm machine gun or 40-mm automatic grenade launcher.

   The cab normally provides seating for driver and one passenger, however there is also a third folding central seat for one extra passenger. It is worth mentioning, that windscreens on these trucks are mounted vertically, in order to minimize light reflections.

   The MAN SX45 is powered by a MAN D2066 LFG 10.5-liter turbocharged diesel engine, developing 440 hp. It meets EURO 4 emission requirements. Engine is located behind and under the cab. Such layout allowed to reduce overall height of the truck. Engine is coupled with fully-automatic 6-speed transmission. Maximum road speed is electronically limited to 90 km/h. Vehicle was designed to keep pace with tracked combat vehicles across any terrain. This high mobility truck is fitted with a central tyre pressure system. Without preparation if fords water obstacles up to 1.2 m deep. After preparation vehicle is capable of fording up to 1.5 m. Trucks with standard equipment can operate in temperature ranges from -32C to +50C.  With special arctic kit these trucks can operate in extreme conditions down to -46C.

   This military vehicle is also available in 6x6 configuration (SX44) and a number of variants, such as a load handling system, bridgelayer, tanker, wrecker. Also there is HX81 prime mover, which can carry main battle tanks across rough terrain. Some of these military trucks can be airlifted by the C-130 Hercules after preparation.


Video of the MAN SX heavy high mobility truck







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