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M1161 ITV Growler

Fast attack vehicle

M1161 ITV Growler

The Growler was specially designed to be transported internally by Osprey tiltrotor transport

Entered service 2009
Configuration 4x4
Cab seating 1 + 3 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (curb) 2 058 kg
Payload capacity 900 kg
Length 4.14 m
Width 1.52 m
Height 1.84 m
Height (for transportation) 1.19 m
Engine Navistar 2.8-liter diesel
Engine power 132 hp
Maximum road speed over 100 km/h
Range up to 580 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.4 m
Trench ~ 0.4 m
Fording 0.76 m


   The M1161 Internally Transportable Vehicle (ITV) is a multirole fast attack vehicle. Developed by American Growler company this vehicle is also nicknamed the Growler. Development commenced in 1999. Initial design was based on the drivetrain of the M151 MUTT jeep. The Growler was specially designed to be transported internally by the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor transport. It entered service with the US Marine Corps in 2009. By 2011 a total of 209 M1161 and 102 M1163 vehicles were produced with more vehicles on order. The Growler took some roles of the M151 jeep variants and completely replaced the Interim Fast Attack Vehicle, based on Mercedes-Benz G-class. The later has been used by USMC since 1999. At some point production of the Growler military vehicle was transferred to General Dynamics facilities.

   The Growler allow US forces to take advantage of the Osprey tiltrotor transport and its 500 km/h cruising speed. Main role of this aerial-deployable vehicle is to operate in forward areas. It can drive of the plane straight into battle. So the Growler acts as a force multiplier.

   A whole family Internally Transportable Vehicles are being developed. The baseline M1161 fulfils multiple roles. It can be used as utility, scout or fast attack vehicle. It transports a crew of four. The M1161 has a payload capacity of 900 kg. It is designed to carry sufficient supply of fuel, food, water and ammunition for a 3-day mission. Vehicle has a canvas weather enclosure. Seats are padded with Kevlar and provide some level of protection against fragments. Vehicle has a rear gunner ring and can be armed with M240 7.62-mm machine gun, or M2 12.7-mm machine gun, or Mk.19 40-mm automatic grenade launcher. There is also an utility version without the gunner's ring but with a pickup style bead. This version can carry more supplies.

   There is also an M1163 prime mover. This vehicle is shorter and carries a crew of two. It tows 120-mm M327 Dragon Fire mortar or special trailer with ammunition. The trailer is loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition in enclosed containers. Brief redeployment time of this mortar allows to avoid counter-battery fire. Two M1163 vehicles are used at once. One of them tows mortar, while another tows ammunition trailer. The whole combination is referred as Expeditionary Fire Support System.

   Future variants of Internally Transportable Vehicles might include medical litter transport, ground UAV station trailer and meteorological station trailer.

   The Growler is powered by a Navistar 2.8-liter turbocharged diesel engine, developing 132 hp. Engine is mated to General Motors 4-speed automatic transmission. This military vehicle uses a some parts and elements of the M151 MUTT jeep, however it is much more technologically advanced. Vehicle has a four-wheel steering. A central tyre inflation system is fitted as standard. Vehicle has run flat rims and tyres and can still travel about 30 km once the tyre is flat. Without preparation and special kit the Growler fords water obstacles up to 0.76 m deep. There is also a self-recovery winch.

   Vehicle has a roll-over protection system, which is removed and stowed in order to reduce height during airlift. A split-folding windscreen is also folded over the bonnet. The Growler has adjustable ride height suspension system. Suspension is lowered in order to reduce height before transportation by air. Once the Osprey has landed the Growler is ready to go within one minute.

   This military vehicle is normally airlifted by the V-22, CV-22 or MV-22 tiltrotor transports. The Growler also fits inside the CH-47 Chinook and CH-53 Supper Stallion transport helicopters. It can be also carried by helicopters underslung externally. This vehicle can be also airlifted by C-130 tactical cargo aircraft. It also fits inside AAV7 amphibious armored personnel carrier.


M1161 ITV Growler

M1161 ITV Growler

M1161 ITV Growler

M1161 ITV Growler

M1163 ITV Growler

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