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IVECO 320.45 WTM

Tank transporter

Iveco 320.45 WTM

The Iveco 320.45 WTM heavy tank transporter can tow tanks weighting up to 60 000 kg

Country of origin Italy
Entered service 1978
Configuration 6x6
Cab seating 1 + 3 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (kerb) 15.42 t
Maximum load 60 t
Length 7.52 m
Width 2.77 m
Height 3 m
Engine FIAT 17.2-liter diesel
Engine power 450 hp
Maximum road speed 65 km/h
Range 600 km
Gradient ?
Side slope ?
Vertical step ?
Trench ?
Fording 0.85 m


   The first prototype of the IVECO 320.45 WTM was produced in 1978 in answer to an Italian Army requirement calling for a vehicle capable of towing a Leopard 1 (or similar) tank in off-road conditions. The result vehicle can tow tanks weighing up to 60 000 kg using a semi-trailer produced by Bartoletti.

   The IVECO 320.42 WTM uses a forward control cab with a soft top, although an optional hard top was available. Seating is limited to the driver and three passengers and the cab can be tilted forward for repairs and maintenance. For improved cross country performance the fifth wheel is fully articulated and a good towing capability is provided by the transmission's combination of the synchromesh gearbox, torque converted and a permanent 6x6 drive configuration.

   For loading and unloading two 20 000 kg capacity winches are located behind the cab. For use over sandy terrain a special sand version is produced with single 14.00 x 24 tyres on the front axle and single 24.00x20.5 tyres on the rear axles; the kerb weight of this version is reduced to 14.7 t.

   On both models a special high performance cooling system is provided for use when the engine is operating when stationary during prolonged loading and unloading operations.

   Optional equipment included a six-man cab, a towing hook for standard trailers, an auxiliary fuel tank, a front-mounted self-recovery winch, a fording kit for water obstacles up to 1.2 meters deep, and a hydrodynamic retarded.

   The IVECO 320.45 WTM was replaced in Italian Army by IVECO M1100.50 WTM tank transporter. Its Italian Army designation is ASTRA SMH 88.50.



Iveco 320.45 WTM

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