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All-terrain vehicle

Gecko ATV

The Gecko all-terrain vehicle is used by airborne troops and special forces

Entered service ?
Configuration 8x8
Seating 4 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (empty) 1 225 kg
Payload capacity 900 kg
Length 3.11 m
Width 1.65 m
Height 1.44 m
Engine Daihatsu DM950T diesel
Engine power 35 hp
Maximum road speed 45 km/h
Amphibious speed on water 6 km/h
Range 250 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 40%
Vertical step 0.3 m
Trench 0.6 m
Fording 0.6 m / Amphibious


   The Gecko all-terrain vehicle was developed by LMT Products of South Africa. Manufacturer describes it as Rapid Deployment Logistical System (RDLS). This vehicle is in service with South African National Defense Forces (105 units). It is used by the Parachute Regiment and Special Forces Brigade. Gecko replaced the previous Jakkals, that resembles a scaled-down Jeep.

   The Gecko is a small bathtub-like design with 8x8 configuration. It is constructed of composite materials. It is based on automotive components of Canadian commercial Argo Centaur 8x8. However the Gecko was militarized and adapted to comply with SANDF requirements. Modifications include a strengthened lower structure and different top structure with weapon mounts and storage space.

   The Gecko ATV can be used for different roles, including troop, cargo, equipment and weapon transport, reconnaissance, resupply, or casualty evacuation. During airborne and special forces operations this vehicle can briefly redeploy from landing zones to firing positions.

   The Gecko has a payload capacity of 900 kg. Seating is provided for 4 soldiers. However sometimes it is seen carrying up to 8 troops. The storage space at the rear is used to carry troops, personal equipment or ammunition.

   There is a pintle mount at the position of the co-driver for 7.62-mm machine gun. Two additional mounts for other weapons, such as heavy machine guns or 40-mm automatic grenade launcher are also available.

   This ATV can also tow trailers or light artillery pieces with a maximum weight of up to 1 000 kg. A family of trailers have been developed by LMT Products for this vehicle. These have a payload capacity of 600 kg. There is a general purpose cargo trailer, 106-mm recoilless rifle trailer and command and control (C2) trailer. The C2 trailer has generator and all the command and control equipment required to command at least an airborne battalion.

   The Gecko is powered by Daihatsu DM950T three-cylinder water-cooled turbocharged 950 cc diesel engine, developing 35 hp. Vehicle has a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). This ATV has a maximum road speed of 45 km/h. Maximum range on fuel is up to 250 km, obviously depending on terrain. The Gecko is a skid-steer machine.

   The Gecko can operate in extreme terrain conditions. Due to its high-volume, low-pressure tyres it has a unique and unexpected benefit of virtual immunity to anti-personnel mine blasts. Also this vehicle withstands blasts equivalent to 200 g of TNT under any wheel. It is similar to a medium-sized anti-personnel mine.

   The basic vehicle is fully amphibious with 230 kg of cargo. Amphibious qualities can be improved using pontoons. On water vehicle is propelled by its wheels.

   This ATV can be airlifted internally or underslung by helicopters. Some of these vehicles will easily fit inside the C-130 Hercules tactical cargo aircraft.


Gecko ATV

Gecko ATV

Gecko ATV

Gecko ATV

Gecko ATV

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