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Engesa EE-50

Heavy utility truck

Engesa EE-50

The Engesa EE-50 is the largest production military truck ever built in Brazil

Entered service Early 1980s
Configuration 6x6
Cab seating 1 + 1 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (empty) 11.9 t
Maximum load 5 - 10 t
Length 7.85 m
Width 2.6 m
Height 2.9 m
Engine Scania D11 diesel
Engine power 215 hp
Maximum road speed 80 km/h
Range 700 km
Gradient 70%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.5 m
Trench ~ 0.9 m
Fording ~ 0.9 m


   The Engesa EE-50 is a heavy utility truck manufactured in Brazil, and is the largest military truck ever built in that country. It is used for a wide variety of different roles, depending on the variant.

   Development began in the late 1970s, in response to requirements set by the Brazilian Army. By the end of 1980, it was accepted by the Brazilian Army and production had commenced. The EE-50 was offered for export throughout the 1980s, finding some success, but financial difficulties in Engesa during the early 1990s damaged its prospects for production. Engesa's declaration of bankruptcy in October 1993 effectively doomed the production of this vehicle.

   The EE-50 has the appearance of being a lengthened EE-25 with a cab-over-engine (which it essentially is). The cab has recessed headlights and a wraparound bumper at its base. The EE-50 has 6 wheels, with a long gap between the forward and middle pair of wheels, and a highly-visible "Engasa Boomerang" walking beam on the middle and rear axles. The front wheels are covered by rhomboidal-shaped wheel arches. Conspicuous mud guards are installed both behind and in front of the rear wheels. The frame is a ladder-type, and spans the length of the vehicle. One cylindrical fuel tank is installed on each side of the bottom of the frame, directly between the forward and middle wheels. The cab doors and their windows are both L-shaped, and two smaller rectangular windows are fitted behind the doors.

   The EE-50's construction is all-steel, and its chassis is composed of riveted rails and cross-members. The cab is hinged to tilt forward, in order to effect full access to the engine. The rear cargo bed features drop tailgate, removable bows and a tarpaulin cover.

   The crew accommodations of the EE-50 are typically austere for a military truck, with room for the driver and one passenger in the cab, and folding bleachers in the flatbed for additional passengers. It is unknown if an air conditioner of heater were available for the cab.

   Propulsion is a Scania D11 inline 6 diesel, generating 215 hp at 2200 rpm. Information of the EE-50's transmission is unavailable, though presumably it is a similar (or identical) model to those used in other Engesa military trucks. Propulsion is of the 6x6 type, through a 2-speed transfer case. 300 liters of fuel are carried, allowing a maximum range of 700 km. The top speed of the EE-50 is rated at 80 km/h.

   The suspension of the EE-50 utilizes live axles and leaf springs, the rear suspension having a conspicuous "Engasa Boomerang" walking beam, a feature seen on several other Engesa 6-wheeled military vehicles. This suspension articulates, allowing the EE-50 to traverse large undulations with greatly increased traction, handling, and weight distribution compared to non-articulating vehicles. The wheels on the EE-50 use 14.00 x 20 tires.

   The EE-50 is 7.85 m long, 2.6 m wide, 2.9 m tall, and weighs 11.9 tonnes at empty weight. It can carry up to 5 tonnes of cargo cross-country, or up to 10 tonnes of cargo over paved roads. With 11.9 tons atop 6 wheels, the EE-50 has a minimum of 2.13 kg/cm² of ground pressure. Cargo-laden at 21.9 tonnes, the EE-50's ground pressure is 3.96 kg/cm². Data on the EE-50's turn radius, vertical step, trench, and fording are unavailable.

   Angola and Brazil are confirmed customers of the EE-50. It has been suggested that South Africa acquired EE-50s, but this is doubtful, given the indigenous manufacture of the SAMIL 100 equivalent in that nation.

   The EE-50's unit cost is unknown, but it is no longer offered anyhow.

   Variants of the EE-50 include an ambulance, van, fuel tanker, water tanker, wrecker, fire truck, and a workshop vehicle.



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Engesa EE-50

Engesa EE-50

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