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Articulated all-terrain tracked carrier


The Russian DT-3P was designed to operate in Northern areas and Arctic

Entered service ?
Configuration Tracked
Cab seating 17 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (curb) 7.3 t
Payload capacity 3 t
Length ~ 9 m
Width ~ 2.3 m
Height ~ 2.6 m
Engine diesel
Engine power 240 hp
Maximum road speed 55 km/h
Amphibious speed on water 6 km/h
Range 600 - 700 km
Gradient 70%
Side slope 50%
Vertical step ~ 0.6 m
Trench ~ 1.5 m
Fording Amphibious


   The DT-3P is a Russian articulated all-terrain tracked carrier. It is one of the smallest members of Vityaz family of articulated vehicles. It seems that is was developed as a private venture to meet a possible requirement of the Russian Army. The company that developed this vehicle has significant experience developing and producing articulated all-terrain tracked carriers. Previously it developed successful DT-10 and DT-30 tracked vehicles of the Vityaz family. In 2012 the DT-3P has been trialed by the Russian Army. However it seems that this vehicle received no production orders. This vehicle is also being proposed for civil customers.

   Some sources report, that at some point Russian MoD planned to obtain Swedish Hagglunds Bv 206 articulated all-terrain carriers to operate in Northern regions and Arctic. However later it opted for an indigenous design.

   The DT-3P consists of two articulated tracked units, linked by a steering mechanism. All four tracks are driving continuously. This vehicle has a payload capacity of 3 000 kg. It can carry up to 17 troops or various military cargo. The forward unit accommodates driver and 4 passengers. The rear unit accommodates up to 12 passengers. This vehicle can also carry various weapons or specialized equipment.

   The DT-3P has a traditional layout for an articulated all-terrain tracked carrier. It has two articulated units, that are connected via articulated joint. All four tracks are constantly driven. The forward unit has a four-door cab and engine compartment. It accommodates driver plus 3 passengers. It has two roof hatches for observation, firing and emergency exit. The rear unit has an open-topped cargo area with only a rear door. On prototype the rear unit is covered with canvas cover. It can carry about 6 troops or various cargo. It seems that the DT-3P can be fitted with various rear units depending on customer requirements.

   This vehicle was designed to operate in harsh Northern conditions. The DT-3P has good cross-country mobility over difficult terrain. It can go over snow, mud, sand and swamps. Also it can climb considerable gradients. Vehicle has low ground pressure due to its tracked design. Its articulated arrangement also gives a number of mobility and maneuverability advantages when traveling off-road. The DT-3P is also capable of high-speed travel over hard surface roads. Vehicle can operate autonomously for up to 72 hours.

   This all-terrain vehicle is powered by a turbocharged diesel engine, developing 240 hp. It is likely to be either a YaMZ-238 or Cummins QSB 6.7 unit. Both of these engines are widely used and commercially available. Engine is mated to an automatic gearbox. The simplicity in the handling of the vehicle involves a minimum of driver training.

   The DT-3P has a watertight hull. It is amphibious without preparation. On water it is propelled by its tracks.

   This articulated tracked carrier can operate in climatic conditions ranging from -50C to +50C.

   From the earliest stage the DT-3P was designed to be a versatile multi-purpose vehicle. The rear unit can accommodate different bodies, both enclosed and open-topped. So the DT-3P can be tailored to meet many battlefield roles.




   DT-3PB armored version of the DT-3P. It has armor plating on all of its bodywork. First prototype was revealed in 2012. This vehicle has been trialed by the Russian Army. The DT-3PB is broadly equivalent to Bv 206S and BvS 10 / Viking armored all-terrain tracked carriers;

   DT-3PM is an Arctic version. This vehicle was modified to coupe with harsh Arctic conditions. It has a fully-enclosed rear unit. This vehicle was adopted by the Russian Army in 2015.







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