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Light utility vehicle


The CUCV II is a revised and updated successor to the original CUCV

Type A utility vehicle
Entered service 1987
Configuration 4x4
Cab seating 1 + 4 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 2.83 t
Payload capacity 475 kg
Length 4.9 m
Width 1.96 m
Height 1.9 m
Engine General Motors 6.5-liter diesel
Engine power 195 hp
Maximum road speed 88 km/h
Range 400 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.5 m
Trench ~ 0.5 m
Fording 0.5 m


   The CUCV II light utility vehicle was developed by General Motors. It is a revised and updated successor to the original CUCV. It followed the same general lines. This military vehicle was introduced in 1987. Around 800 CUCV II vehicles were obtained by the US military, over 3 000 vehicles were sold to Saudi Arabia. Other operators are Ecuador, Sweden, United Kingdom , Venezuela and some other countries.

   The CUCV II is a relatively low-cost militarized commercial type. It was intended to be used where expensive tactical-type vehicles were not necessary. The CUCV II range is based on the Chevrolet K-series pick-up truck. Only minor adjustments were made to the vehicle to make it suitable for military use. All CUCV II vehicles use the same components such as basic chassis, engine, transmission, axles and electrical system, but are fitted with different body.

   The CUCV II range consists of six models:

   Type A is a two-door utility vehicle. It accommodates for driver and four passengers. Alternatively it can carry light cargo;

   Type B cargo truck. It has an opened cargo area and can carry about 1.7 t. Seats could be fitted for troop transportation;

   Type C ambulance. It accommodates 4 stretchers or 8 seated casualties;

   Type E shelter carrier;

   Type F communications shelter carrier;

   Type S four-door command car. It is also used as a troop carrier. This vehicle accommodates driver and five passengers.

   These light utility vehicles were available with petrol and diesel engines. Diesel-engined vehicles are powered by a General Motors 6.5-liter V8, developing 150 or 195 hp. Alternatively it was available with a 5.7-liter petrol engine, developing 255 hp, or 7.4-liter petrol, developing 290 hp. Engine is coupled with a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission. Vehicle has a full-time all-wheel drive. A front-mounted winch was available as an option. All vehicles are air-transportable.

   Production of the CUCV II ceased in 2000. Later a further updated Light Service Support Vehicle or LSSV was introduced.




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