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Chenowth Light Strike Vehicle

Fast attack vehicle

Light Strike Vehicle

The Light Strike Vehicle combines low weight, high speed and good cross-country mobility

Country of origin United States
Entered service ?
Configuration 4x2
Cab seating 1 + 2 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (kerb) 960 kg
Payload capacity 700 kg
Length 4 m
Width 2.11 m
Height 2 m
Engine 2.16-liter petrol
Engine power 125 hp
Maximum road speed 97 km/h
Range 500 km
Gradient 75%
Side slope over 45%
Vertical step ~ 0.3 m
Trench ~ 0.3 m
Fording ~ 0.5 m


   The Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) was developed by Chenowth Racing Products Inc. It is an improved version of the Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV), it replaced.

   The original Chenowth military model was the two-seat Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV). It was produced during the early 1980s for the US Army. The FAV became a base for three- and six-seat Desert Patrol Vehicle.

   Initially the US armed forces ordered 180 of these fast attack vehicles. These were delivered in 1982. FAVs and DPVs were used by US and UK special forces and US Marines during operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1991. These vehicles were also used in Afghanistan and later in Iraq.

   This fast attack vehicle is essentially a buggy. It combines low weight, high speed and good cross-country mobility. Vehicle has a high-strength tubular frame with roll cage. Light armor could be added as required. It is used for hit-and-run style raids and scouting missions.

   The Light Strike Vehicle accommodates driver and two passengers. Driver and assistant gunner are seated at the front. The gunner/vehicle commander is positioned at the rear. It can fire forward and to the rear on a swivel seat.

   The Light Strike Vehicle can carry various weapons, including 7.62-mm machine guns. The gunner operates 12.7-mm heavy machine gun or 40-mm automatic grenade launcher. It could be even fitted with a 30-mm cannon. Vehicle can also carry TOW 2 or AT-4 anti-tank weapons or Stinger air-defense missiles. The TOW 2 ATGW replaces the gunner in the elevated center position.

   The baseline model was fitted with a 2.16-liter air-cooled petrol engine, developing 125 hp. Later these were replaced by a 2.33-liter engine. The six-seat version is powered by a 2.6-liter engine. Engine located at the rear. It is mated to a 4-speed manual gearbox. Vehicle has a 4x2 configuration with the rear driven wheels, rather than four-wheel drive. Vehicles were fitted with run-flat tyres.

   The Light Strike Vehicle can be carried internally by CH-47 and CH-53 helicopters. Three of these vehicles can be carried by C-130 Hercules tactical cargo aircraft. This special forces vehicle can be paradropped.

   The current generation model is the ALSV or Advanced Light Strike Vehicle. It is currently in service with US Army, Navy and Marine Corps, and some other countries.


Light Strike Vehicle

Light Strike Vehicle

Light Strike Vehicle

Light Strike Vehicle

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