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Beijing BJ2020

Light utility vehicle

Beijing BJ2020

The Beijing BJ2020 was the most popular 4x4 vehicle in service with Chinese army

Entered service 1983
Configuration 4x4
Cab seating 1 + 4 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (curb) 1 190 kg
Payload capacity ~ 500 kg
Length 3.86 m
Width 1.81 m
Height 1.91 m
Engine 2.5-liter petrol
Engine power 85 hp
Maximum road speed 100 km/h
Range ~ 500 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 40%
Vertical step ~ 0.4 m
Trench ~ 0.4 m
Fording 0.5 m


   The Beijing BJ2020 is a Chinese light utility vehicle. It is an updated version of the BJ212. The original BJ212 was developed back in 1960s and produced until 1983. In 1983 Beijing Automobile Works established a joint venture with the American Motors Corporation (now part of Chrysler Corporation). As a result the BJ212 was updated and fitted with new engine. Vehicle was fitted with roll bars. Also there were some other improvements. Updated vehicle received new designation. Since 1983 the BJ2020 was produced in large numbers both for Chinese armed forces and civil users. In Chinese army service most older BJ212 vehicles were replaced by the BJ2020. Also it has been exported to some countries.

   A baseline model has 4 doors and a soft-top. It accommodates 5 passengers, including the driver. This vehicle has a payload capacity of around 500 kg. A windshield can be folded over the bonnet and side windows removed in order to reduce vehicle height. Vehicle can tow light trailers or artillery pieces with a maximum weight of 800 kg.

   It is used as command vehicle, tactical troop and cargo transport, reconnaissance vehicle and as weapon carrier.

   Also there are 2- and 4-door versions with a hard top. As well as a number of specialized versions. There were numerous variants of this ubiquitous utility vehicle. Only some of them are listed below.

   The BJ2020 is powered by a petrol engine, developing 85 hp. This engine came from a Jeep Cherokee. Engine is mated to a 4-speed manual transmission, however it was redesigned.

   Recently a new Beijing BJ2022 Brave Warrior has been developed to replace the ubiquitous BJ212 and BJ2020. It is an entirely new vehicle. It has been adopted by Chinese armed forces and is produced in large numbers. Since 2008 the BJ2020 is being gradually phased out of service.




   Beijing BJ2020SJ, a baseline 4-door variant with a soft top;

   Beijing BJ2020SA and BJ2020SAJ, a 2-door versions with a longer body. It can carry 8 passengers, including the driver;

   Beijing BJ2032 radar carrier;

   Anti-tank missile carrier, fitted with HJ-8 guided missile launcher. It is based on the BJ2020SAJ;

   Type 75 recoilless riffle carrier;

   BY5020TSL amphibious 4x4 vehicle;

   BY5032 amphibious 4x4 vehicle with longer wheelbase.


Beijing BJ2020

Beijing BJ2020

Beijing BJ2020

Beijing BJ2020

Beijing BJ2020

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