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Light protected vehicle


The Ukrainian Bars is a typical wartime design that is simple, low-cost, and readily available

Entered service ?
Configuration 4x4
Cab seating 1 + 5 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (empty) ?
Payload capacity ~ 1 t
Length ?
Width ?
Height ?
Engine Isuzu diesel
Engine power 160 hp
Maximum road speed up to 100 km/h
Range 600 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.35 m
Trench ~ 0.5 m
Fording ~ 0.6 m


   The Bars (snow leopard) is a multi-purpose armored utility vehicle. It was recently developed in Ukraine by Bogdan Corporation as a private venture. It was first publicly revealed in 2014.

   The Bars is a typical wartime design that was developed over a short period of time. Even though it may not look appealing this vehicle is simple in design and technology. It uses readily available automotive components. It is cost-effective and its production can be briefly established. Ukrainian armed forces ordered a first batch of 90 Bars armored vehicles. It is possible that first production vehicles will be delivered during 2015. The Bogdan Corporation has a capacity to produced 50 of these vehicles a month.

   The Bars can be used to carry troops and supplies under armor to the frontline. It can be also used for medical evacuation and border patrol. This vehicle provides at least some degree of armor protection comparing with non-armored light utility vehicles.

   Armor of the Bars provides all-round protection against 7.62x51 mm standard NATO ball rounds and artillery shell shrapnel. Hull floor provides protection against hand grenades and other anti-personnel explosives.

   The Bars has a payload capacity of about 1 000 kg. Vehicle carries a driver plus 5 fully-equipped troops. This version is also called the Bars-6. There are some firing ports provided for the troops to fire their individual weapons. Also the Bars can be easily fitted with remotely-controlled weapon station, or shielded machine gun.

   This armored vehicle is base around Isuzu commercially available automotive components. It also uses a number of commercially available components, previously used on other Bogdan vehicles. The Bars is powered by a turbocharged diesel engine, developing 160 hp. A self-recovery winch is fitted as standard.

   It has been reported, that the Bars can be also configured as a patrol vehicle, cargo vehicle, and as armored ambulance.

   Price of the Bars is only about $35 000.




   Bars-8 is a further development of the Bars-6. The Bars-8 is larger, has stronger chassis, more internal volume and can carry more load. As the name suggest it can carry 8 soldiers, including the driver. It is a light armored personnel carrier rather than just a light protected vehicle. Some sources report that it has been adopted by Ukrainian armed forces in 2015.





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