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Agrale Marrua

Light utility vehicle

Agrale Marrua

The Agrale Marrua is a versatile and robust vehicle, that is easy to maintain

Entered service 2005
Configuration 4x4
Cab seating 1 + 3 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (curb) 1 960 kg
Payload capacity 500 kg
Length 3.8 m
Width 1.92 m
Height 1.95 m
Engine MWM 4.07TCA Sprint-EII diesel
Engine power 132 hp
Maximum road speed 128 km/h
Range 1 000 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step ~ 0.35 m
Trench ~ 0.5 m
Fording 0.6 m


   The Marrua (wild bull) was developed by Agrale in the early 2000s. It was specially developed to meet a Brazilian armed forces requirement to replace ageing jeep-like vehicles. Essentially the Marrua is an improved version of Engesa EE-12 light utility vehicle. The EE-12 was also developed during the mid 1980s to meet Brazilian armed forces requirement. It had some export success but was not used by Brazilian armed forces. Following the bankruptcy of Engesa in the early 1990s some of its former employees began to work for Agrale. It is understood that the Marrua was developed by some of the EE-12's original design team. Production of the Marrua commenced in 2004. First 100 vehicles were delivered to Brazilian army and marines for trials and evaluation. The Marrua was adopted by Brazilian armed forces in 2005. Eventually the baseline vehicle evolved into a whole family of 4x4 military vehicles. The Agrale Marrua has been adopted by Brazilian armed forces, including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Military Police. The Agrale Marrua has been exported to several countries, mainly to other Latin American countries. It is in service with Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay, Suriname and Namibia.

   The Agrale Marrua vehicles have a strong steel chassis frame. A baseline Marrua AM1 has a payload capacity of 500 kg. It accommodates driver and three passengers. It can carry 7.62-mm, or 12.7-mm machine guns, anti-tank missile launcher, 106-mm recoilless rifle, or communications equipment. It can also tow light trailers or artillery pieces with a maximum weight of 500 kg. This versatile vehicle is roust and easy to maintain.

   A baseline vehicle has a removable soft-top. Vehicle is normally driven with an open top. Windscreen can be folded over the bonnet in order to reduce height. Once the windshield is folded height of the vehicle is 1.4 m. Removable side doors are made of canvas. There is also a version with a hard-top.

   The Agrale Marrua is powered by 2.8-liter MWM 4.07TCA Sprint-EII turbocharged diesel engine, developing 132 hp. Engine of the baseline Agrale Marrua AM1 complies with EURO II emission requirements. It is mated to an Eaton 5-speed mechanical gearbox. This small vehicle has excellent cross-country performance.

   The Marrua vehicles used by the Navy are more resistant to corrosion. Also these have special high-floatation tyres and accommodate driver plus five passengers.

   The Marrua is available in a number of versions.




   Agrale Marrua AM1 is a baseline 500 kg capacity vehicle, that accommodates driver and 3 passengers;

   Agrale Marrua AM2. Engine of this vehicle complies with EURO III emission requirements;

   Agrale Marrua AM10 is an armed reconnaissance vehicle. It accommodates driver and three passengers. Vehicle has a removable soft-top. It has a central ring mount and can be armed with 7.62-mm or 12.7-mm machine guns. There is also an utility version of the AM10, that accommodates driver and four passengers;

   Agrale Marrua AM11, basically the same AM10, but its engine complies with EURO III emission requirements;

   Agrale Marrua AM20 is a pick-up truck with a 750 kg payload capacity. It has a soft top. There are three versions of the AM20 - a baseline logistics and cargo vehicle, ambulance and command and control vehicle;

   Agrale Marrua AM21, basically the same AM20, but its engine complies with EURO III emission requirements;

   Agrale Marrua AM22, a 750 kg capacity pick-up truck with a hard-top;

   Agrale Marrua AM23, basically the same AM22, but its engine complies with EURO III emission requirements. It has a payload capacity of 800 kg;

   Agrale Marrua AM31 is a two-door pick-up truck. It has a payload capacity of 1 500 kg. It can transport various cargo or up to 12 troops in the cargo area. This vehicle can also tow trailers or artillery pieces with a maximum weight of 1 500 kg.


Video of the Agrale Marrua light utility vehicle


Agrale Marrua

Agrale Marrua

Agrale Marrua

Agrale Marrua

Agrale Marrua

Agrale Marrua

Agrale Marrua

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