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Main battle tank


The T-80B main battle tank is capable of firing AT-8 Songster anti-tank guided missiles

Country of origin Soviet Union
Entered service 1978
Crew 3 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 43.7 t
Length (gun forward) 9.65 m
Hull length 6.98 m
Width 3.58 m
Height 2.22 m
Main gun 125-mm smoothbore
ATGW AT-8 Songster
Machine guns 1 x 7.62-mm, 1 x 12.7-mm
Elevation range - 5 to + 14 degrees
Traverse range 360 degrees
Ammunition load
Main gun 36 rounds
ATGW 5 x AT-8 Songster missiles
Machine guns 1 250 x 7.62, 500 x 12.7
Engine GTD-1000T gas turbine engine
Engine power 1 000 hp
Maximum road speed 70 km/h
Range 335 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 40%
Vertical step 1 m
Trench 2.85 m
Fording 1.8 m
Fording (with preparation) 5 m


   The T-80B main battle tank is a further development of the original T-80, which was produced only in small numbers. The T-80B is the first variant produced in quantity. It entered service with the Soviet army in 1978. Due to expensive maintenance Russian Army planned to retire all T-80 series tanks.

   Protection of the T-80B was improved comparing with the T-80. This tank is fitted with NBC protection and fire suppression systems.

   The T-80B is equipped with a fully-stabilized 125-mm smoothbore gun. This gun is also used to launched the 9K112 Kobra (NATO designation AT-8 Songster) anti-tank guided missiles in the same manner as ordinary rounds. The AT-8 has a semi-automatic radio guidance. This missile has a range of 100 - 4 000 meters, however it can be launched only when the tank is stationary. It has a hit probability of 80%.

   Secondary armament consists of coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun and 12.7 MG mounted on top of the roof.

   The T-80B is also fitted with new fire control system, compatible with the AT-8 missiles.

   This tank is powered by a gas turbine engine, developing 1 000 hp. Basically it is a modified helicopter engine, adapted for use on tanks. The gas turbine has a number of advantages over the diesel engines. The engine is compact for its power output. As a result the T-80 series tanks are much faster than T-64 and T-72 with traditional diesel engines and have superior cross-country performance. Also the gas turbine has ability to start when the temperature is as low as -40C. However the gas turbine engine has a number of drawbacks. Most notable is a high fuel consumption. For 100 km of road it can consume up to 750 liters of fuel. Other drawbacks are troublesome maintenance and high unit price.




   T-80BK, command version of the T-80B, with additional communication equipment.

   T-80BV is a version with significantly improved protection. It has a composite armor at the front and is also fitted with explosive reactive armor and smoke grenade dischargers. The T-80BV is powered by a new GTD-1000TF gas turbine engine, developing 1 100 horsepower. This tank was adopted in 1985 and series production began the same year. All operational T-80B MBTs were upgraded to the T-80BV standard. In 2011 a total of 66 refurbished Belarusian T-80BV tanks were sold to Yemen. Later these tanks saw combat.

   T-80BVK, command version of the T-80BV, with additional communication equipment.

   T-80BVM is a recent upgraded version with improved armor protection. It was first publicly revealed in 2017.

   T-80U, fitted with diesel rather than gas turbine engine.

   T-80UD, has gas turbine engine replaced by 1 100 hp diesel engine.

   T-80UK, command version of the T-80U.

   T-80U-M1 Bars, has Shtora-1 countermeasures system and more powerful engine.

   T-80U-M2, new cast turret.



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