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Main battle tank


The Ukrainian T-64E main battle tank is a refurbished and upgraded version of the T-64BV

Entered service ?
Crew 3 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 42.7 t
Length (gun forward) 9.23 m
Hull length 6.54 m
Width 3.42 m
Height 2.17 m
Main gun 125-mm smoothbore
ATGW Kombat / Refleks
Canon, machine guns 1 x 23-mm, 1 x 7.62-mm)
Elevation range - 6 to + 14 degrees
Traverse range 360 degrees
Ammunition load
Main gun 37 rounds
Machine guns 900 x 23-mm, 1 200 x 7.62-mm rounds
Engine 5TDFE diesel
Engine power 850 hp
Maximum road speed 65 km/h
Range 500 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 40%
Vertical step 0.8 m
Trench 2.7 m
Fording 1.4 m
Fording (with preparation) 5 m


   The T-64E main battle tank was developed by Malyshev tank repair plant. This factory is closely associated with Morozov Design Bureau and Kharkiv Engine Design Bureau. It is a refurbished and upgraded version of the ageing T-64BV MBT. It is aimed specially for export. The first tank was completed in 2010. It was first publicly revealed in 2011.

   It is worth noting that Malyshev plant is developing and and producing tanks since 1927. During the WWII it produced the famous T-34 tanks. During the Cold War it produced the T-55, T-64 and T-80. Later it produced Ukrainian T-84. Also this factory upgraded T-64B tanks to T-64BM Bulat standard for the Ukrainian Army.

   Ukrainian Army has about 2 200 T-64 main battle tanks. Many of them are kept in storage. These tanks were inherited from the Soviet Army. Ukrspetsexport, a Ukrainian state-owned arms trading company offers surplus tanks for export customers from excessive army stocks. These tanks are being proposed for export, as Ukrainian MoD lacks funding to upgrade tanks for Ukrainian Army. During the last couple of years a number of T-64 upgrades and conversions were developed. The T-64E is one of them.

   The T-64E has improved protection. It is claimed that front arc is equivalent to 750 mm of rolled homogenous armor. The tank is also fitted with built-in Duplet explosive reactive armor of new generation. It provides protection against RPG rounds and anti-tank guided missiles with tandem warheads.

   Upgraded tank are offered with new Varta countermeasures system. It is an improved version of the Russian Shtora-1. It launches smoke grenades when the tank is illuminated by laser. This system reduces the chance of being hit by laser-guided anti-tank missiles with semi-automatic guidance. The T-64E can be also fitted with Zaslon active protection system.

   As usually this tank is fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire suppression system.

   This tank is armed with a 125-mm smoothbore gun, fitted with an autoloader. Effective range of fire is 2.8 km with APFSDS round and 2.6 km with HEAT and HE-FRAG rounds. This tank is also capable of launching the new Ukrainian Kombat or Russian Refleks (NATO designation AT-11 Sniper-B) anti-tank guided missile in the same manner as ordinary munitions. Guided missiles have a maximum range of 5 km an penetrate 750 mm of RHA befind ERA. The previous Kobra guided missiles of the T-64BV had a maximum range of 4 km. A total of 37 rounds, including guided missiles, are carried for the main gun. 28 rounds are stored in the autoloader and are ready to use.

   Secondary armament consists of remotely controlled GSh-23L 23-mm twin-barrel cannon (900 rounds). This cannon was originally developed for aircraft use. There is also a remotely controlled 7.62-mm machine gun (1 200 rounds), relocated from coaxial position. Such secondary weapons and their layout are unusual for the Soviet and post-Soviet main battle tanks. But it is just one of several options. Alternatively the T-64E is proposed with remotely controlled 12.7-mm machine gun (600 rounds) or remotely controlled 40-mm automatic grenade launcher (100 grenades). Also a mix of any of these remotely controlled weapons can be selected by the customer.

   The T-64E MBT has improved sights, observation devices and fire control system. The tank has got hunter-killer capability. There is a new panoramic sight with thermal vision.

   Vehicle was developed by a crew of 3, including commander, gunner and driver. This tank is fitted with air conditioner for crew comfort.

   The T-64E is powered by improved 5TDFE turbocharged diesel engine, developing 850 hp. This multi-fuel engine can run on diesel, petrol or kerosene. This engine has compact dimensions and has high power output due to its opposed design. It is claimed that the new engine is more reliable than its predecessor. It is worth noting that the original 5TDF engine with 700 hp has a short service life and proved to be unreliable. The tank also has auxiliary power unit, that powers all systems when the main engine is switched off.

   The tank is fitted with a built-in self-entrenching blade. This feature allows to prepare defensive position within 12-40 minutes. With a special kit fitted the tank can ford water obstacles up to 5 m deep.

   In 2011 the price for the T-64E was about $1.12 million.


Video of the T-64E main battle tank








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