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Main battle tank

Oplot MBT

Some sources report, that a small number of these tanks are in service with Ukrainian Army

Entered service ?
Crew 3 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 48 t
Length (gun forward) ~ 9.7 m
Hull length ~ 7.7 m
Width ~ 3.77 m
Height (turret roof) ~ 2.2 m
Main gun 125-mm smoothbore
ATGW AT-11 Sniper
Machine guns 1 x 7.62-mm, 1 x 12.7-mm
Elevation range - 4 to + 15 degrees
Traverse range 360 degrees
Ammunition load
Main gun ~ 40 rounds
Machine guns ?
Engine 6TD-2 diesel
Engine power 1200 hp
Maximum road speed 70 km/h
Range 450 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 40%
Vertical step ~ 1 m
Trench ~ 2.85 m
Fording ~ 1.8 m
Fording (with preparation) 5 m


   The Oplot is an improved version of Ukrainian T-84 main battle tank, fitted with new turret. Sometimes it is referred as T-84 Oplot. Overall in terms of protection, firepower it is broadly similar to the Russian T-90. Some sources report that a small number of Oplot tanks are in service with Ukrainian Army. This tank was never produced in large numbers due to funding problems. Currently its improved version, the Oplot-M is in production.

   Protection of the Oplot has been improved over the previous T-84. It has a welded hull and turret with built-in explosive reactive armor. The tank is fitted with Shtora-1 countermeasures system which reduces the chance of being hit by enemy ATGW with semi-automatic guidance. As usually vehicle is fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems.

   The Oplot is armed with a 125-mm smoothbore gun. It is compatible with all Soviet/Russian 125-mm tank ammunition. This tank is fitted with a carousel-type autoloader, similar to that of the Soviet and Russian tanks. Four types of different rounds can be used. Typically these are APFSDS, HEAT, HE-FRAG, and guided missiles. A total of 28 rounds are stored in the autoloader and ready to use.

   The Oplot tank is capable of launching anti-tank guided missiles in the same manner as ordinary rounds. It is either a Russian AT-11 Sniper or its Ukrainian version.

   There is a coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun. Also there is a roof-mounted remotely-controlled 12.7-mm machine gun. It has an effective range of 2 km against air and ground targets. This machine gun is operated by vehicle commander.

   This main battle tank is operated by a crew of three, including commander, gunner and driver.

   This tank is powered by 6TD-2 turbocharged multi-fuel diesel engine, developing 1 200 hp. It is also fitted with auxiliary power unit, which powers all systems when the main engine is turned off. This tank has a deep wading kit and can ford water obstacles up to 5 m deep. The Oplot can be airlifted by the An-124 or similar heavy cargo aircraft.




   Yatagan prototype main battle tank, intended for export. It was mainly aimed at a Turkish Army requirement. It is a further development of the Oplot, featuring a 120-mm gun, compatible with the standard NATO tank munitions and special version of the Russian AT-11 Sniper anti-tank guided missiles. It has a new turret with ammunition stored in a separate compartment in the turret bustle with blow-out panels. This model also has a new autoloader. However there were no orders on this MBT;

   Oplot-M improved version. It is fitted with new Nozh explosive reactive armor which protects against tandem warheads. This tank also has new panoramic sight with hunter-killer capability. It has been exported to Thailand;

   Atlet armored recovery vehicle. Actually it is based on a modified T-80UD chassis, which is essentially similar. This ARV was developed to support Oplot main battle tanks.


Oplot MBT

Oplot MBT

Oplot MBT

Oplot MBT

Oplot MBT

Oplot MBT

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