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Light tank

CV90120-T light tank

The CV90120-T light tank has a firepower compatible with modern main battle tanks

Entered service -
Crew 4 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight 26 - 35 t
Length (gun forward) 8.9 m
Hull length 6.6 m
Width 3.2 m
Height (turret roof) 2.4 m
Main gun 120-mm smoothbore
Machine guns 1 x 7.62-mm / 12-7-mm
Elevation range - 8 to + 22 degrees
Traverse range 360 degrees
Ammunition load
Main gun 45 rounds
Machine guns ?
Engine Scania DI16 diesel
Engine power 670 hp
Maximum road speed 70 km/h
Range 600 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 40%
Vertical step 1 m
Trench 2.4 m
Fording 1.5 m


   The CV90120-T light tank was developed by the BAE Systems Hagglunds as a private venture. The main goal was to meet the firepower of modern main battle tanks, but with greater tactical and strategic mobility. The first prototype of the CV90120-T was completed in 1998. After extensive trials development of this light tank was finally completed in 2001. Despite that further improvements in a number of areas continued, especially electronics. The CV90120-T is being actively proposed for possible customers worldwide, however as of 2014 no production orders were placed on this light tank.

   The CV90120-T is armed with a fully-stabilized Swiss Ordnance 120-mm high-pressure low-recoil smoothbore gun. It fires modern NATO ammunition. A total of 45 rounds for the main gun are carried. Claimed maximum rate of fire is up to 14 rounds per minute.

   The CV90120-T tank is fitted with a computerized fire control system and stabilized day/night sights. Vehicle's integrated battlefield management system ensures situational awareness.

   Modular armor of the CV90120-T can be configured to various levels of protection. Additional passive armor package can be fitted. It is speculated that the front arc with add-on armor protects against 30-mm armor-piercing discarding sabot rounds. All-round protection is against 14.5-mm armor-piercing projectiles. Furthermore explosive reactive armor can be fitted for even higher level of protection. Interior is lined with a spall liner. Survivability of the CV90120-T light tank is further enhanced by the tank's Defensive Aids Suite, including laser, radar and missile approach warning systems, multi-spectral aerosol active countermeasures system. A top attack radar can identify precision guided anti-tank munitions. Furthermore vehicle's design has some certain stealth features.

   This light tank has a crew of four, including commander, gunner, loader and driver.

   The CV90120-T uses modified CV90 (or Combat Vehicle 90) infantry fighting vehicle chassis. Vehicle is powered by the Scania DI16 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 670 hp. Running and life cycle expenses on this light tank are considerably lower comparing with modern main battle tanks. Furthermore unlike most modern MBTs that can only be airlifted by the largest transport aircraft, the CV90120-T can be transported by Airbus A400M military transport aircraft.


Video of the CV90120-T light tank


CV90120-T light tank

CV90120-T light tank

CV90120-T light tank

CV90120-T light tank

CV90120-T light tank

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