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Andrius Genys
Military-Today.com founder, Andrius Genys

   Dear Friends,


   Well it's close enough...

   I don't know about you, but I am thrilled with the forthcoming New Year.

   I rarely get in touch directly with the most loyal fans. So I'm taking advantage of this opportunity to let you know what's going on with Military-Today.com.

   2016 was an important year. Military-Today.com was established back in 2006. So 2016 was its 10th anniversary. I was very surprised to learn that there are people who actually grew up together with this website.

   Many of you noticed the website has a new look. The old design was good, however, it became out-dated and was incompatible with mobile phones and tablets.

   I'm currently halfway done with testing a new software platform. This enables Military-Today.com to run on a sophisticated platform with a dynamic design. It's very advanced. For different visitors it shows different versions of the website. So depending on what computer or device you use for visiting Military-Today.com, you will see different versions of the same pages. This is because the software calculates the best version for your viewing. It calculates, for example, how long visitors stay on the page, how many visitors closed the page right away, how many pages they visited and so on. This advanced software is constantly looking for the best version of the page. It shortlists the bad versions that visitors do not like. The final result should be a website with better navigation, nicer graphics, and so on.

   So on paper this super advanced software sounds great but there are some drawbacks. There are constant issues with software mismatch. Some things are not working properly. Other things are not displayed properly. I'm constantly looking for these issues and fixing them. I hope you can bear with all these issues until the testing is finally completed.

   I would like to give a big THANK YOU for all the good guys who helped and supported Military-Today.com this year. And no matter if they donated, submitted articles, or sent pictures and information on the latest weapons. With your help I am committed to expand this website significantly.

   Let's work together to make this website even better in 2017.

   I wish you all a happy New Year!


   Andrius Genys