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U-209 class

Ocean-going patrol submarine

U-209 class patrol submarine

The U-209 class patrol submarines were exported to a number of countries

U-209/1200 class
Entered service 1967
Crew 31-35 men
Diving depth (operational) 300 m
Diving depth (maximum) 500 m
Dimensions and displacement
Length 56 m
Beam 6.2 m
Draught 5.5 m
Surfaced displacement 1 185 tons
Submerged displacement 1 290 tons
Propulsion and speed
Surfaced speed 11 knots
Submerged speed 21.5 knots
Diesel engines 2 x 5 000 hp
Electric motors 1 x 3 600 hp
Torpedoes 8 x 533-mm bow tubes for 14 anti-ship and anti-submarine torpedoes


   In the mid-1960s IKL designed for the export market a new boat that became the U-209 class in 1967. Designed specifically for the ocean-going role, the U-209 can, because of its relatively short length, operate successfully in coastal waters. The U-209 and its variants have proved so popular that 50 have been built or ordered by 12 export customers.

   The six main variants of the U-209 are:

   the original 54.3-m U-209/1100 (960 tons surfaced and 1 105 tons dived);
   56-m U-209/1200 (980 tons surfaced and 1 185 tons dived);
   59.5-m U-209/1300 (1 000 tons surfaced and 1 285 tons dived);
   62-m U-209/1400 (1 454 tons surfaced and 1 586 tons dived);
   64.4-, U-209/1500 (1 660 tons surfaced and 1 850 tons dived);
   and the smaller coastal 45-m U-640 (420 tons surfaced and 600 tons dived).

   The countries which have bought these vessels are Greece (four U-209/1100 and four U-209/1200), Argentine (two U-209/1200), Peru (six U-209/1200), Colombia (two U-209/1200), South Korea (nine U-209/ 1200), Turkey (six U-209/1200 and eight U-209/1400, most of which have been built locally with German help), Venezuela (two U-209/1300), Chile (two U-209/1400), Ecuador (two U-209/1300), Indonesia (two U-209/1300 plus a further four projected but unlikely to be realized), Brazil (five U-209/ 1400), India (four U-209/1500 plus two more projected), South Africa (three U-209/1400) and Israel (three U-640). Each chose its own equipment fit and crew number according to economic requirements.

   During the 1982 Falklands War the Argentine navy's U-209/1200-class submarine San Luis made three unsuccessful torpedo attacks on vessels of the British task force, but the knowledge of the boat's presence tied up considerable British ship and aircraft resources in efforts to find the submarine.


U-209 class submarine

U-209 class submarine

U-209 class submarine

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