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Tachikaze class

Anti-air warfare destroyer

Tachikaze class destroyer

The Tachikaze was decommissioned in 2007 and two remaining ships will follow in the near future

Country of origin Japan
Entered service 1976
Crew 250 - 270 men
Sea endurance ?
Dimensions and displacement
Length 143 m
Beam 14.3 m
Draught 4.6 m
Displacement, standard 3 850 tons
Displacement, full load 4 800 tons
Propulsion and speed
Speed 32 knots
Range ?
Propulsion geared steam turbines delivering 70 000 shp
Artillery 2 x single 127-mm DP guns, 2 x 20-mm Phalanx CIWS mountings
Missiles 1 x single-rail Mk.13 launcher able to fire both Standard SM-1 MR and Harpoon missiles (standard load 40 missiles), 1 x octuple ASROC ASW missile launcher (no reloads)
Torpedoes 2 x tripple Type 68 324-mm ASW torpedo tubes with six Mk.46 Mod 5 torpedoes


   During the early 1970s, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force needed to improve its medium-range area defence SAM capabilities, and thus laid down the three Tachikaze class ships at three-yearly intervals from 1973. These vessels are the Tachikaze (DDG 168), Asakaze (DDG 169) and Sawakaze (DDG 170), which commissioned in 1976, 1979 and 1982 respectively.

   Each ship carries one single-rail Mk 13 launcher for the Standard SM-1MR missile, allowing the ships to engage aircraft targets out to a range of nearly 50 km. The altitude envelope of the SM-1MR enables aircraft and missiles to be intercepted at heights between 40 m and 18 000 m.

   The two dual-purpose guns can also be used for air defence as well as for engaging surface targets, and surface attack capability was enhanced in the 1980s by the addition of Harpoon anti-ship missiles, fired from the Mk 13 launcher. All three ships received Phalanx CIWS at the same time.

   These vessels were designed almost exclusively as anti-aircraft platforms. No helicopter facilities are provided, and the ASW armament is confined to ASROC missiles and Mk 46 self-defence torpedoes. In order to save on construction costs the class adopted the propulsion plant and machinery of the Haruna class of helicopter-carrying ASW destroyers.

   The lead ship Tachikaze (DDG 168) was decommissioned 2007. Two remaining ships followed in 2008 and 2010. The Tachikaze class was replaced by the Atago class of anti-air warfare destroyers. New warships carry Aegis system and provide an air defense capability several orders of magnitude greater than that offered by the Tachikaze class ships.


Name Laid down Launched Commissioned Status
Tachikaze (168) 1973 ? 1976

decommissioned in 2007

Asakaze (169) 1976 ? 1979

decommissioned in 2008

Sawakaze (170) 1979 ? 1982

decommissioned in 2010


Tachikaze class destroyer

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Tachikaze class destroyer

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Tachikaze class destroyer

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