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San Giorgio

Amphibious transport dock

San Giorgio class LPD

The San Giorgio class amphibious transport docks are based at Brindisi

Entered service 1987
Crew 163 men
Sea endurance ?
Dimensions and displacement
Length 133.3 m
Beam 20.5 m
Draught 5.3 m
Displacement, standard 7 665 tons
Displacement, full load ?
Propulsion and speed
Speed 21 knots
Range ?
Diesel engines 2 x ?
(16 800 shp)
Troops 400 men
Vehicles up to 36 APCs or 30 medium tanks
Cargo ?
Landing craft
Landing craft 2 x LCMs,  2 - 3 LCVPs; 1 x LCPL
Helicopters 2 x EH 101, 2 x AB 212
Artillery 1 x OTO Melara 76-mm gun, 2 x Oerlikon 25-mm guns


   Capable of operating three SH-3D Sea King or EH 101 Merlin or five AB 212 helicopters from a carrier-type flight deck, the San Giorgio class LPDs each carry a battalion of Italian infantry. San Giorgio (L 9892) and San Marco (L9893) have bow doors for amphibious landings but San Giusto (L 9894) does not. All three can ship two LCMs in the stern docking well. The San Giorgio and San Marco were laid down in 1985 and 1986 respectively while the slightly larger San Giusto was not ordered until 1991. The first two ships were launched in 1987 and commissioned in 1987 and 1988. The San Giusto, launched in 1993 (late due to industrial unrest) and finally commissioned in 1994, is some 300 tons heavier as a result of a longer island and increased accommodation. San Marco was funded by the Italian Ministry of Civil Protection and, although run by the Italian navy, is specially fitted for disaster relief operations.

   From 1999, the ships original 20-mm guns were replaced by 25-mm Breda Oerlikon weapons, while the San Giorgio has had its 76-mm gun removed, and its LCVP installation relocated from davits to a port side sponson. The vessel hasalso had its flight deck lengthened to allow simultaneous operations of two EH 101s and two AB 212s. The bow doors are also being removed, and similar modifications are to be undertaken for the San Marco.

   Four landing spots are provided, and a 30-ton lift and two 40-ton travelling cranes are used for transporting the 64.6-ton LCMs. A typical load would include a battalion of 400 personnel, plus 30-36 APCs or 30 medium tanks. A total of two (on davits) or three (on port side sponson) LCVPs can be carried.


San Giorgio class LPD

San Giorgio class LPD

San Giorgio class LPD

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