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Hatakaze class

Anti-air warfare destroyer

Hatakaze class destroyer

The Hatakaze class ships have many improvements comparing with the Tachikaze class vessels

Entered service 1986
Crew 260 men
Sea endurance ?
Dimensions and displacement
Length 150 m
Beam 16.4 m
Draught 4.8 m
Displacement, standard 4 600 tons
Displacement, full load ?
Propulsion and speed
Speed 30 knots
Range ?
Propulsion 2 x cruising gas turbines and 2 x high speed turbines delivering 72 000 shp
Helicopters 1 x SH60J Seahawk
Artillery 2 x 127-mm DP guns, 2 x 20-mm Phalanx CIWS
Missiles Standar surface-to-air missiles, Harpoon surface-to-surface missiles, ASROC anti-submarine rockets
Torpedoes 2 x tripple Type 68 324-mm torpedo tubes for ASW torpedoes


   Soon after the last of the Tachikaze class anti-air warfare destroyers was completed, work started on the first of two slightly larger air-defence destroyers of the Hatakaze class. The Hatakaze (DDG 171) and the Shimakaze (DDG 172) were commissioned in 1986 and 1988 respectively.

   They have a similar armaments fit to the preceding vessels, though their increased size - the Hatakazes are eight metres longer and displace about 700 tons more than the Tachikazes - means that they can carry two quadruple Harpoon launchers, which frees magazine space for surface-to-air missiles. They also have platforms capable of accepting a single SH-60J Seahawk helicopter.

   Weapom suite is similar to that of the Tachikaze class, but a number of improvements were made. The Hatakaze class vessels can function as a group flagships.





Hatakaze class destroyer

Hatakaze class destroyer

Hatakaze class destroyer

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