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Almirante Brown class

Guided-missile destroyer

Almirante Brown class

The Almirante Brown class significantly increased Argentinean Navy capabilities

Entered service 1983
Crew 200 men
Sea endurance ?
Dimensions and displacement
Length 125.9 m
Beam 14 m
Draught 5.8 m
Displacement, standard 2 900 tons
Displacement, full load 3 360 tons
Propulsion and speed
Speed 30.5 knots
Gas turbines ?
Helicopters 1 - 2 x AS 555 Fennec
Artillery 1 x 127-mm DP gun, 4 x twin 40-mm anti-aircraft guns, 2 x 20-mm guns
Missiles 2 x quadruple launchers foe MM.40 Exocet surface-to-surface missiles, 1 x Albatros octuple launcher for 24 Aspide surface-to-air missiles
Torpedoes 2 x triple 324-mm tubes for 18 Whitehead A 224 anti-submarine torpedoes


   Originally to have been a class of six, with four built in Argentina, the Meko 360 design is based on the modularised systems concept in which each of the weapons and sensor systems is carried as a separate modular unit that can be interchanged with a replacement or newer system without the usual reconstruction that otherwise accompanies the modernisation of a ship. The final agreement signed with the West German firms of Thyssen Rheinstahl and Blohm & Voss in December 1978 was for four ships to be built in West Germany. All four, the Almirante Brown, La Argentina, Heroina and Sarandi, were commissioned in 1983-84 as the Almirante Brown class. During the Falklands War the ships were under construction, and the British Rolls-Royce Olympus and Tyne gas turbines were embargoed for a short time. In 1996 Fennec helicopters were delivered in order to improve the ASW capability and provide over the horizon surface-to-surface missile targeting for the Almirante Brown class.

   A near sister to Argentina's vessels is the Nigerian navy's Aradu, ordered in 1977 as the world's first warship with modular construction. This differs from the Argentine vessels in having Otomat Mk 2 SSMs, a single Lynx Mk 89 helicopter and a CODOG propulsion system. In 2003 the ship's status was uncertain.