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T38 Stilet

Short-range air defense missile system

T38 Stilet

The T38 Stilet is the first indigenous Belarusian air defense system

Entered service 2014 (?)
Crew 4 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight ~ 30 t
Length ~ 9 m
Width ~ 3.3 m
Height ~ 5.1 m
Missile (9K33M3)
Missile length 3.2 m
Missile diameter 0.21 m
Missile weight 126 kg
Warhead weight 20 kg
Warhead type HE-FRAG
Range of fire 20 km
Altitude of fire 10 km
Engine YaMZ-7513.10-04 diesel
Engine power 420 hp
Maximum road speed 65 ~ 80 km/h
Range 840 km
Gradient ?
Side slope ?
Vertical step ~ 0.5 m
Trench ~ 0.6 m
Fording over 1.2 m


   The T38 Stilet (stiletto) is a Belarusian short-range air-defense system, designed and developed by Tetraedr company. The T38 Stileto was originally developed in order to extend service life for ageing Osa air-defense systems, as Belarus has large stocks of these missiles. However at the end the T38 emerged as a totally different system, except the fact that it uses the same 9K33M2 and 9K33M3 missiles of the Osa.

   Belarusian military industry used to produce components and spare parts for Soviet weapon systems. After collapse of the Soviet Union it was collaborating with Russian companies and was upgrading older military systems. However the Stilet is the first indigenous Belarusian air defense system. It evolved from Belarusian Osa-1T upgraded version of the Osa.

   Externally the Stilet looks very much like the old Osa. However similarity refers only to upper part of the machine. The T38 uses new MZKT-6922 chassis instead of the older BAZ-5937. The new 6x6 vehicle is more mobile and had better off-road capability due to its variable clearance that alters for 40 cm up and down. The chassis is powered by a turbo diesel engine that generates energy for the whole system.

   The Stileto TELAR vehicle carries 8 missiles arranged in 2 launcher pods with 4 missiles each. It can fire 9M33M2 and 9M33M3 missiles used by the Osa. Missiles have a range of 12.5 km and 20 km respectively and can reach targets in altitude from 250 m to 10 km. Developers claim, that this air defense system can hit two targets simultaneously. Missiles can intercept targets, that fly at low altitudes and have radar cross-section as little as 0.02-0.03 m. It can intercept aerial targets flying at speeds of up to 900 m/s. Missiles of the Stilet have undergone overhauls and received service life extension. According to Tetraedr company the T38 ensures 25 year service life extension for Osa missiles. Operational capability for the Stilet has grown by nearly 80% comparing with Osa.

   The Stilet can operate at night and in adverse weather conditions. Unlike Osa, the Stilet uses thermal, radio, and TV channels to detect track and engage the target. After deploying the whole T38 air defense system can be ready for firing within 5 minutes.

   Battery of the T38 Stilet comprises of TELAR vehicles, and is supported by 6 KamAZ trucks, that are used as a basis for mobile command center, reloading vehicle, maintenance vehicle and other support vehicles.

   The Stilet was first revealed in 2010. First trials were conducted in 2014 when Stilet hit two types of targets imitating cruise missile and hovering object.

   Currently 4 divisions of T38 Stilet are fielded in Belarus. It has been exported to Azerbaijan and some other unspecified country. It is possible that in the near future this air defense missile system will be adopted by Russia and possibly some other countries that currently operate the ageing Osa air defense systems. Saudi Arabia have shown big interest towards Stilet.

   There was a variant of the T38 Stilete air defense system co-developed with Ukrainian Luch design bureau. This missile would use a new Belarusian missile, developed by the Tetraedr. However in 2014 this development was suspended due to ongoing military conflict in Ukraine.


Zaal Tchkuaseli


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T38 Stilet

T38 Stilet

T38 Stilet

T38 Stilet

T38 Stilet

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