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S-350E Vityaz

Medium-range air defense missile system

S-350E Vityaz

The S-350 Vityaz is intended to provide point defense against aircraft and precision attacks

Entered service Expected in 2016
Range of fire 30 - 120 km
Number of missiles 12


   The S-350E Vityaz (knight) is a short-to-mid range air defense missile system. It was developed by Almaz-Antey company as a replacement for the ageing S-300PS, which was developed back in the early 1980s. Development commenced in 2007. The S-350E was first demonstrated in 2013. It was planned that production of this air defense system will commence in 2015.

   Design of this air defense system is broadly similar to the South Korean KM-SAM Chun Koong. It is worth noting that Almaz-Antey participated in development of this South Korean SAM system. It is claimed that the S-350E Vityaz is more capable than the South Korean system.

   It is expected to enter service with the Russian armed forces in 2016. At this stage Russian MoD plans to buy 30 of these SAM systems. It will replace older variants of the S-300. Russians plan to scrap about 50 of the S-300PS systems by 2015 due to their age.

   The Vityaz TEL vehicle carries 12 9M96E vertically-launched missiles. The same medium-range missiles are used by the recent Russian S-400. The 9M96E is a variant of the 9M96 active radar-homing interceptor missile. This missile is designed for direct impact. It is similar to the US Patriot PAC-3 design and is intended to provide point defense against precision attacks and defense suppression weapons. Its claimed kill probability is 90% against aircraft and 70% against Harpoon missile. The S-350 can also launch a short-range missile which is likely a variant of the 9M100. This air defense system can engage targets within ranges from 30 to 120 km.

   The S-350E system also has advanced phased-array radar and a new mobile command post. If required a number of vehicles can be linked together to form a battery. A typical battery consists of  command post can, two radars and control 8 TEL vehicles. Vityaz SAM system can operate autonomously or alongside other air defense systems. It can stop and launch its missiles within 5 minutes from travelling.

   This air defense system can engage 12 to 16 targets simultaneously, including aircraft and ballistic missiles. Command post can target up to 32 missiles on various targets at once.

   The TEL vehicle has a crew of three. It is based on a BAZ-6909 special wheeled chassis with 8x8 configuration. Radar and command post are carried by BAZ-69092 with 6x6 configuration.


Video of the S-350E Vityaz air defense missile system

S-350E Vityaz

S-350E Vityaz

S-350E Vityaz

S-350E Vityaz

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