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M1134 Stryker

Anti-tank missile carrier

M1134 Stryker

The M1134 Stryker is the brigade's primary anti-armor system

Entered service Mid-2000
Crew 4 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight over 15 t
Length 6.95 m
Width 2.72 m
Height 2.64 m
Missile length 1.16 - 1.68 m
Missile diameter 0.15 m
Missile weight 18.9 - 22.6 kg
Warhead type HE, HEAT
Warhead weight 2.63 - 5.9 kg
Range of fire 3.75 km
Guidance system wire-guided
Penetration 600 - 1 000 mm
Number of missiles carried ?
Engine Caterpillar 3126 diesel
Engine power 350 hp
Maximum road speed 100 km/h
Range 500 km
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Vertical step 0.6 m
Trench 2 m
Fording 1.2 m


   The M1134 Stryker is a long-rang anti-tank missile carrier. It is the brigade's primary anti-armor system, capable of defeating any armored threat even at extended ranges. The M1134 is used in Stryker brigades in separate anti-tank companies.

   The M1134 fires the heavy TOW anti-tank guided missiles. The Striker has a 2-tube launcher and elevated mast, extending 0.5 m above the roofline. It is compatible with the whole family of TOW wire-guided, optically-tracked missiles. Missiles of the Stryker ATGM have a range of about 3 000 - 3 750 meters, depending on the version. They penetrate up to 1 000 mm of steel armor behind ERA. Missiles are loaded into the launcher manually.

   There is also a 7.62-mm machine gun, mounted over the commander's hatch. This machine gun is intended mainly for self-defense.

   Basic armor of the M1134 Stryker provide all-round protection against 7.62-mm rounds and artillery shell splinters. Interior of the vehicle is lined with a Kevlar liner, which protects the crew against spalling. The Stryker has a reinforced undercarriage for a higher of protection against landmines and IEDs. There is also an NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems. An add-on ceramic armor can be fitted, which provides protection against 14.5-mm projectiles. Vehicles employed in combat zones are additionally fitted with steel cages, providing protection against RPG rounds.

   This anti-tank missile carrier has a crew of four, including commander, gunner, loader and driver. Vehicle is fitted with a battlefield information management system, which links the ATGM carrier with similar vehicles and command posts. This system also provides position information through a GPS receiver.

   The M1134 ATGM carrier is based on the M1126 ICV, which in turn is based on the Canadian LAV III. Vehicle is powered by a Caterpillar 3126 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 350 hp. Engine and transmission can be removed and reinstalled in less than an hour for service and maintenance. Vehicle has 8x8 configuration, however it can be switched to 8x4. It has a central tyre inflation system, which is adjusted from the driver's station. This missile carrier is not amphibious. The M1134 can be airlifted by the C-130 Hercules and larger military transport aircraft.

   It is worth mentioning, that the US Marine Corps operate an older system, the LAV-AT, which is based on the LAV-25 armored personnel carrier chassis.

Video of the M1134 Stryker anti-tank weapon carrier