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Intermediate-range ballistic missile


The KN-08 is believed to be intermediate range or even intercontinental ballistic missile

Entered service 2012 (?)
Crew 5 men (?)
Missile length 17.5 ~ 19.7 m
Missile diameter 1.5 ~ 2 m
Missile weight ?
Warhead weight ?
Warhead type ?
Range of fire ?
Engine Cummins KTTA19-C700 diesel
Engine power 700 hp
Maximum road speed ~ 60 km/h
Range ~ 1 000 km


   The North Korean KN-08 is also referred as Rodong-B, No-Dong-C or Hwaseong-13. It is believed to be intermediate-range or even intercontinental ballistic missile. It is similar in size to the Russian Topol-M road mobile ICBM. This missile was first publicly revealed in 2012. However as of 2015 this missile has not yet been tested by North Koreans.

   Some even report that the KN-08 is not a real development program, but rather a mock-up, designed to confuse Western intelligence. So actual status of this missile is unknown.

   Assuming that the KN-08 is a viable system, it could have a range of up to 6 000 km, or possibly more.

   It appears that North Korea is investing in road mobile ballistic missiles. Typically these are more difficult to destroy than silo-based missiles or fixed missile launch sites. Once on high alert the road mobile TELs can leave bases and operate undetected in remote areas of the country.

   The launcher vehicle is based on Wanshan WS51200 special wheeled chassis with 16x12 configuration. This chassis has been developed by Wanshan Special Vehicle company, possibly using technology from Belarusian Minsk Automobile Plant. It was specially designed as a road mobile TEL for intercontinental ballistic missiles and has a payload capacity of 80 000 kg.

   Vehicle is powered by Cummins KTTA19-C700 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 700 hp. It is a commercially available industrial engine. Engine is mounted behind and under the cab. It is mated with ZF automatic transmission. This special wheeled chassis has some degree of cross-country mobility. Though it is mainly intended to operate on hard surface roads.

   A total of eight Wanshan WS51200 vehicles has been exported to North Korea. Officially these vehicles have been delivered as a lumber transport in order to overcome arms control treaties. Some sources report that North Koreans locally converted these vehicles into missile launchers by installing hydraulic gear and controls to erect a missile.

   Some sources suggest, that due to TEL and missile design the TEL vehicle will be damaged by rocket exhaust. It is worth noting that similar Russian TELs carry and launched missiles from special containers. This makes the North Korean TEL a single-use launcher.


Video of the KN-08 ballistic missile







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