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Anti-tank guided missile

HOT missile

The HOT anti-tank missile is used on various vehicles and helicopters

Country of origin France / Germany
Entered service 1978
Armor penetration 850 mm
Range 4 km
Missile length 1.27 m
Missile diameter 0.14 m
Wing span 0.31 m
Missile weight 23.5 kg
Warhead weight 5 kg
Warhead type HEAT
Guidance Wire-guided


   The HOT (Haut subsonique Optiquement Teleguide Tire d’un Tube, or French for high subsonic optical remote-guided tube-launched) is a versatile and powerful anti-tank missile. To date over 85 000 have been produced. Other more modern missiles, such as the Spike and Hellfire, are gradually replacing it. The HOT was developed by the French/German Euromissile corporation (now part of EADS) during the 1970s to replace the ageing SS.11 missile.

   The HOT is a tube-launched missile used against tanks. It can be fired from vehicles, helicopters, or portable ground launchers. This missile is wire-guided and accurate. Compared to its contemporaries, like the Soviet Konkurs (Western reporting name AT-5 Spandrel), the HOT’s shaped High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) charge has excellent penetration—about 850 millimeters of armor.

   The HOT has a maximum range of 4 000 meters. Minimum range is 75 meters. It travels toward its targets at a speed of 240 m/s.

   Despite its numerous advantages, the HOT can only be used on vehicles and helicopters, and it has a sluggishly slow speed compared to weapons like the TOW.

   The HOT has a number of specialized vehicle launchers. The UTM-800 is a low profile turret fitting two missiles. The K3S is an automated launcher with 20 HOT missiles. The K3S was used on German Jaguar anti-tank vehicles. The ATLAS is a limited production launcher that fires only one missile. Used on the VAB and possibly the Piranha IFV, the Mephisto is an automated turret with four HOT missiles. The Lancelot is a quadruple missile turret featured on the AMX-10P.

   The HOT is a combat tested weapon. It has served in the Iran-Iraq War, Lebanon, and the Gulf War.

   The HOT is currently used by at least 10 countries. It has served with a variety of platforms including the AMX-10P, Wiesel, Gazelle, Bo-105, Eurocopter Tiger, VAB, Simba, V-200, and Dauphin. In the helicopter role, the AGM-114 Hellfire is replacing it.




   HOT or HOT-1: the original model. Introduced in 1978, it can penetrate a maximum of 850 millimeters of armor.

   HOT-2: introduced in 1985. The HOT-2 is an improved version of the original HOT, with a larger warhead and lighter body. The HOT-2 has the same range of 4 kilometers, but can penetrate up to 1 250 millimeters of Rolled Homogeneous Armor (RHA).

   HOT-2MP: introduced in 1986. This variant features a fragmentation warhead with 1 000 steel balls in it. This weapon is highly useful against reinforced structures, infantry, and light vehicles. Penetration is about 350 mm of RHA. The HOT-2MP is not useful against tanks due to its low penetration.

   HOT-3: sometimes know as the HOT-2T, the HOT-3 was introduced in 1993. It features a 6.48-kilogram tandem HEAT warhead. The HOT-3 can penetrate 1 250 mm of RHA behind Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA). The range is also increased to 300 meters. The HOT-3 is nearly invulnerable to infrared jamming.


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HOT missile

HOT missile

HOT missile

HOT missile

HOT missile

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