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Anti-tank guided missile

HJ-9 missile

The HJ-9 anti-tank missile is capable of defeating even the latest main battle tanks

Entered service ?
Armor penetration up to 1 200 mm
Range of fire up to 5 000 m
Missile length 1.2 m
Missile diameter 0.15 m
Missile weight 37 kg
Warhead type Tandem HEAT
Warhead weight ?
Guidance system Laser


   The HJ-9 (Hong Jian-9 or Red Arrow-9) is an advanced anti-tank missile system, developed by NORINCO. Its development commenced in the late 1980s. It is designed to engage main battle tanks, armored vehicles and fortifications. It is capable of defeating even the latest main battle tanks. This anti-tank guided missile carrier is also proposed for export customers.

   The HJ-9 missile is similar in appearance to the American BGM-71D TOW 2, Israeli MAPATS and South African Ingwe anti-tank missiles. However it is not confirmed, weather the HJ-9 uses TOW 2, MAPATS or Ingwe technology. The HJ-9 has a semi-automatic laser guidance. Once the missile is launcher, operator only has to keep the sight's crosshair on the target. Missile has two solid fuel rocket motors (booster and cruise). Maximum range of fire is up to 5 km.

   The Red Arrow 9 missile has a tandem HEAT warhead. It is claimed, that it penetrates up to 1 200 mm of steel armor behind ERA. It can penetrate the front armor even of the latest main battle tanks. It is speculated, that this missile can be also fitted with HE or thermobaric warheads for use against infantry and fortifications.

   The Hong Jian 9 anti-tank missiles are carried by AFT-9 anti-tank missile carrier. It is based on a WZ550 4x4 APC chassis, which is a variant of the WZ551 6x6 IFV. It carries a total of 12 missiles.  The AFT-9 anti-tank missile carrier has a retractable weapon station with 4 ready-to-use launchers. Another 8 reload missiles stored inside the hull. In traveling mode the missile launcher is retracted inside the hull. This weapon station is controlled remotely. Missiles are reloaded automatically. Rate of fire is about 2 rounds per minute.

   The AFT-9 anti-tank missile carrier is a day/night system, capable of operating in all weather conditions. Vehicle has a crew of three, including commander, operator and driver.

   Armor of this vehicle provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. It is also fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems.

   The AFT-9 is powered by a German Deutz turbocharged diesel engine, developing 320 hp. It is fitted with a central tyre inflation system and run-flat tyres. Unlike its prototype, the HJ-9 carrier is not amphibious. Vehicle can be airlifted by Il-76MD or Y-8 military transport aircraft.

   Another application of the HJ-9 anti-tank missile system is a Nanjing NJ2046 4x4 light utility vehicle, which carries only a single launcher. It is claimed that this missile can be also launched from helicopters. The HJ-9 is not available in man-portable version, because of its weight.




   HJ-9A an improved missile version with a radar guidance. It has a longer range and is better protected from enemy jamming. It was officially revealed in 2005 and by the time was already in service with the PLA;

   HJ-9B improved missile version with laser guidance.


Video of the HJ-9 anti-tank missile carrier


HJ-9 missile

HJ-9 missile

HJ-9 missile

HJ-9 missile

HJ-9 missile

HJ-9 missile

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