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Man-portable air defense missile system

FN-6 missile

The Chinese FN-6 missile is a clone of the French Mistral

Country of origin China
Entered service ?
Missile length 1.5 m
Missile diameter 0.07 m
Fin span ~ 0.18 m
Missile weight 10.77 kg
Weight with launcher 16 ~ 17 kg
Warhead weight ?
Warhead type High Explosive
Range of fire 5.5 km
Altitude of fire 3.8 km
Guidance Infrared homing


   The FN-6 or Fei Nu-6 is a Chinese air defense missile, based of the French Mistral. However it has got many differences. It seems that it was also influenced by the Soviet Strela-2 and US Stinger. The FN-6 is a third generation man-portable air defense system, produced in China. The FN-6 has been adopted by the China's armed forces. The FN-6 and its versions have been exported to Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan, Peru, Sudan and possibly some other countries. This missile is also used by some rebel groups. In 2013 this shoulder-launched missile emerged during the Syrian Civil War in the hands of rebel fighters. During this conflict the FN-6 was first used in action and made its first air kills.

   The FN-6 is used to protect friendly units, vehicles and weaponry against enemy helicopters and low-flying aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles under visual conditions. Maximum interception range is 5.5 km and maximum altitude is 3.8 km.

   The FN-6 is a fire-and-forget missile. It has an infrared seeker. It was designed to see infrared energy and guide itself on very hot surfaces, such as aircraft's heat signature, and particularly inside of a jet engine. The seeker is stable against background interference, such as sun, clouds or horizon, and ground objects. This missile is claimed to have good anti-jamming capability against infrared decoys.

   Hit probability with a single missile against an unprotected target is at least 70%. This number is reduced it the target uses countermeasures, such as infrared decoys.

   The FN-6 is deployed by air defense units. The launcher is served by a crew of 2 soldiers. Operation of the FN-6 is similar to other MANPAD systems such as the Stinger. Once the launcher is on the shoulder, covers are removed and sights are ready, time to launch is around 5 seconds.

   The FN-6 can be fitted with friend-or-foe identification system, similar to that as used on the US Stinger. When equipped with this system the FN-6 is referred as the FY-6 (Fei Ying, meaning Flying Eagle).

   The FN-6 launcher can be mounted on vehicles, small vessels and helicopters.




   FN-16 is an improved version of the FN-6. It was first publicly revealed in 2008. This missile has improved imaging infrared seeker. In addition to original infra red guidance it also incorporates UV guidance. Such practice was adopted in the later version of the Stinger. The missile is longer and can do a 16 g turns. Overall the FN-16 has improved attack capabilities and improved resistance to electronic countermeasures. The range has been extended to 6 000 m. When fitted with friend-or-foe identification system it is designated as the FY-16. The FN-16 has been exported to Bangladesh and Cambodia.

   FB-6C is a vehicle-mounted air defense system, armed with FN-16 missiles.

   HN-6 is a further development of FN-6 and FN-16. This missile has improved performance. Also it has a new sight. This missile has got a new firing stand, similar to that of Mistral or RBS-70. This firing stand can be folded for transportation.

FN-6 missile

FN-6 missile

FN-6 missile

FN-6 missile

FN-6 missile

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